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Brake Levers - Salsa vs. Paul(8 posts)

Brake Levers - Salsa vs. Paullaffeaux
Oct 7, 2003 3:17 PM
Has anyone had experience both the Salsa and Paul CX brake levers? Pauls cost more, but otherwise they seem to function similarly. I was going to try the Salsas to save money. Has anyone tried both, and is there a noticable difference?

Also, if there are other brands worth considering, let me know.
re: Brake Levers - Salsa vs. Paulfeathers mcgraw
Oct 7, 2003 5:35 PM
I have the Paul's. Originally I chose them because they work with v's and canti's. They're nice, but I wish they had barrel adjusters, especially now that I switched to canti's.
re: Brake Levers - Salsa vs. PaulDerf
Oct 8, 2003 3:34 AM
I use the Salsa levers. They have barrel adjusters that make brake setup and adjustment that much easier. They were easy to put on and have great stopping power.

re: Brake Levers - Salsa vs. PaulEric Marshall
Oct 8, 2003 4:48 AM
The Salsas look a lot like the Empella Frogglegs that I used last season, except that they fit on the wider part of the bar (like the Paul's). I switched the Frogleggs for Paul's this year because the Paul levers felt a lot better in my hand, as the lever edges are much rounder. The Paul levers now come with a hinge (like the Salsas), so both should be easy to install. Both products are very similar, so if you have a chance to try each of them, pick the one that feels better, otherwise you might just buy the cheaper one.
Other Considerationstriangleforge
Oct 8, 2003 6:11 AM
The Pauls and other levers that mount right next to the stem will limit your ability to mount stuff on your bars. For me, the inability to mount a light is a deal-breaker, as I mostly train before work and need a spot to hook up a light. If you've got no plans to ride early or late, or if you've got a helmet mount light, that might not be an issue for you. I also like the cable routing better with levers that mount outside the handlebar bulge, and I can reach them easily from way out on the outside edges of the bar tops. Mine are the inexpensive Tektro levers.

FWIW, the IRD levers that sells come with a shim that allows you to mount them either "outboard" or "inboard," so you could try both positions if you picked those, and they're about the same price as the Pauls.

As others have noted, barrel adjusters are very, very handy.

Salsa would get my vote...The Walrus
Oct 8, 2003 11:33 AM
...if I weren't running the Tektros. The Salsa levers are designed for a 31.8 bar, but are supplied with shims for 26.0. They also have the barrel adjuster the Paul levers lack, and another good touch is that the entry for the cable housing is angled, which reduces the drag on the cable.
Thanks alllaffeaux
Oct 9, 2003 9:17 AM
You guys gave me a lot to think about. The IRDs maybe the way to go as they offer the most options. I do ride at night and use my lights (which mount on the bulge), so maybe the bulge mount brakes are not for me. Also with wide bars, having the brakes further out might be a good thing.

Unfortunately the choices at the LBS is limited, so buying them after trying several models is probably not an option.
I got lucky (I think)laffeaux
Oct 9, 2003 9:12 PM
A LBS had a set of Salsa levers in stock. I went to check them out, and they were an older model that mounted outside of the bulge. They also do not have the angled ports. However they were $29, so I bought them. I mounted them tonight and they seem to work. I'll hit the trail this weekend for a real test.