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CX Race Report with Pictureslexington476
Oct 5, 2003 6:02 PM
So, when you get to work on Monday, do you tell your co-workers what you did over the weekend? This is what I did :)

A great Race at Bloomer! This was a very good course. Most of the course was like riding on someone's lawn. There was a set of double barriers that were very close together. One curb. And a set of triple barriers on a minor uphill. It was a better course then Stony with the triple. On the first lap, after the first set of barriers, I tore off my knee warmers, I was getting hot. I was dogging one dude, who I thought was in my C group, the whole race. I could pass him on the pavement then he would pass me on the grass (there was one spot right before the start/finish line that was like a swamp that would sap your speed, right after the pavement). He was on a MTB, as I was. On the final lap, after ditching my empty camelbak, I burned after him. I was right on his tail as we went onto the pavement. I dropped him on the pavement, going like crazy to get to the line before him (got there with him about 75 feet behind me). Afterwards, I found out he was in the junior group. Rats. Oh well, still got 8 out of 10. After my race I got some requests to take pictures and videos of the B and A races, it was fun watching the As go after each other (these dudes race at light speed). Since there was a UCI race on Saturday there were some people from out of state. Met a team from MA, and two people from KY.

Then I had to go home and mow the lawn, glad no one raced on this lawn... :)

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