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Here She Is...My New CrossCheck!(3 posts)

Here She Is...My New CrossCheck!lanpope
Oct 4, 2003 3:26 PM
After many questions, and way too much time on the web, I finally ordered my frame and built up the bike last night. Thanks for all the help from everyone on this board. First impressions are all good (does anyone ever say they do not like their new bike?). I've got about 20 miles on it so far, and the fit seems good. I have never had a road bike or a cross bike so the ride and position takes a little getting used to. It is amazing how much faster this bike is than my MTB on the road. I can not wait to do my commute Monday!

Here are the specs:

56cm Surly CrossCheck
Kona P2 Fork
WTB Dirt Drops
Dia-Compe 287-V Brake Levers
Avid Single Digit 3 V-Brakes
Salsa Stem and Bar Tape
WTB SpeedMaster Rims w/ WTB Grease Guard Hubs
Ritchey SpeedMax 30c Tires
Titec Seatpost
Selle Italia Flite Ti Seat
Full XT Drivetrain
Shimano ES71 BB
Dura Ace Bar End Shifters
We're twins!pitt83
Oct 5, 2003 5:10 AM
Nice build.

How was the XT group going on and adjusting? I used 105 deralieurs and FSA CX cranks w/double rings. Really easy to install and set up. If I did it again (I may), I would use your choice for drive train. Mine goes really spritely and the double w/ 12x27 are fine for off-road (haven't raced yet) but that was why I chose this.

I'm thinking of touring with the cross check so your gearing looks ideal for that. What BB length worked? I'm running a 113 with the double; probably too short for the XT crankset.

Also, did you choose bar ends not combination brifters because of the XT deraileurs or because you liked the separates?

Nice build; have fun.
We're twins!lanpope
Oct 5, 2003 9:23 AM

Yeah, I saw your bike when you posted it a while back. Looks real good!

The XT group went on real easy, and adjustment was straight forward. I used a 68x113 ES71 BB. I wanted to make sure that the big ring was as close as possible to the center of the cassette (as far as chainline goes). I do not think the crankset would fit w/ any less than 113, if so it would be real close.

I do have one gear that is skipping. It is is any chainring w/ the second smallest (teeth wise..I think it is the 12t) cog on the cassette. I think this is becasue the cassette is the only thing on the drivetrain that was used, but it is pretty new (maybe 100 miles). I am going to replace the cassette and see if this helps. Any other ideas?

I went with the gearing because I plan on doing a lot of commuting on the bike, and I wanted to have a wide range of gears. Also, this bike will be used as my only geared MTB (with WTB 44c's) so I wanted the easy ratios.

I used the bar ends mainly because of the bars. The WTB's kind of put the levers at a crazy angle, so I did not know how they would work with STI (I guess this is what you mean by brifters..if not let me know). Also the bar ends were real cheap, and I have heard that they are more durable than the STI setup.

So far I love the bike. It feels real fast. Later on this winter (after the local cross series) it will probably become a SS commuter. I like the gears, but when I ride my SS mtb I can not help but think how much fun the CrossCheck would be as an SS. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the comments,