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Hey Atpjunkie...answer to your question (off topic....kinda)(2 posts)

Hey Atpjunkie...answer to your question (off topic....kinda)TWD
Oct 3, 2003 5:00 PM
Saw your reply below.

Cute kid!

As far as your question below regarding how soon you can put the little ones in a trailer, here is my take on it (have a seat, this is a long one).

If you are going to strap them into the trailer seat itself, you need to wait until they can hold their head up. Depends on the kid, but I'm guessing around 6 months.

Helmets are a good idea, but at a young age they put a lot of extra weight on their little necks. Not to mention, that small enough helmets are really hard to find. I got the smallest one I could find for my son, but it didn't fit him until he was like 18 months old. We used to put a winter hat on his head to make it fit better. Besides that, if they are strapped in properly, there really isn't much that they can hit their head on. I'm not sure a helmet is of any use before 1 year old (and could be more harm than good). We started my son with a helmet as soon as he could sit up by himself in the trailer and support the helmet weight.

So that's the standard answer. However, we had my son in the trailer at a very early age (1 week old) ( child protective services!!!!!).

Here's how I did it.

I strapped his rear facing infant car seat into the trailer seat. The trailer has it's own lap-belt, which is exactly how the infant seat we have straps into our car. So, I basically just strapped his car seat right into the trailer. I used an extra bungy chord to secure it extra tight. It fits in there tighter than it does in our car.

So, now, you have the car seat in there rear facing just like in the car. The kid doesn't need to support their head, and the padding of the car seat protects their head from bumps and vibrations. Actaully, it's a really good idea to add some extra padding or blankets to cradle their head to keep it from moving around at all. Once they are strapped into their 5 point harness and all bundled with blankets, they are really well protected.

So, once that is all arranged, you are ready to roll. Dress them according to weather conditions (sunblock, blankets, warm clothes, etc...) Dress them much warmer than you do yourself.

My son's first ride at 1 week old, was basically a lap around the block on smooth pavement with no traffic, riding like 5 mph. You just slowly get them used to it. Pretty soon, they think it's no different than riding in the car.

If you're lucky, they will think it's nap time. Not a bad idea to plan rides around their nap time to get them into the habit of sleeping in the trailer. That will come in handy a few months down the road, when they are ready to go for longer rides. Just work them up to it. Focus on keeping them happy and enjoying the experience.

The most important thing is to have a safe place to ride. I'm lucky that we have a huge forest near by with lots of miles of smooth packed gravel fire roads. Great to get out on the cross bike towing the trailer (I've been meaning to post some pics)

The local MUT isn't a bad alternative if you can do it when their aren't many other users out there.

By the time your daughter is a year old, you'll be doing hill repeats with the trailer!!!

Have fun.
re: thanxatpjunkie
Oct 6, 2003 12:56 PM
will look into my car seta compat. I'm a graphic designer and one of my clients is PTI (protective Technologies Inc). They make kids stuff, I'll have to go and check on helmet sizes but the car seat is a great idea.