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Surly Sizing (again) for new crosser...(5 posts)

Surly Sizing (again) for new crosser...Spunout
Oct 2, 2003 5:43 AM
Looks like I am stuck between sizes for a crosscheck.

I currently ride a Lemond 55 c-c (56.5 TT) with a 110mm stem on the road. No spacers, +10* Thomson stem.

Initially considered the 54 Surly in order to get the TT a bit shorter. But a very short HT means I will be running a big drop or big spacer stack. Or, higher rise stem.

Reading some earlier posts, a 56 will give me a bearable HT height but with quite a long TT. Given the ST angle, I might be on a very short stem if I want a more upright position.

Is an upright position necessary for cross? I ride pretty stretched out on the road as it is.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.
re: Surly Sizing (again) for new crosser...velofelus
Oct 2, 2003 11:13 AM
If I were you I'd get the 54cm Crosscheck. Compared to your roadie its TT is .5cm shorter not much and an easy adjustment. Regarding HT's the Surly comes with a extended HT which makes it a lot easier to get a good seat/hbar position. To much of a drop between the seat/hbar makes a lot folks resort to short high rise stems/lotsa spacers which effectively shortens the TT area and compromises fit. A lot of this seems to come from the "go one size smaller for a cross bike" mantra commonly espoused. This doesn't seem to work for everyone, many would be better served using TT length then SO height as a start. Remember as size decreases so does TT length which opens another can o' worms. Anyway.....compared to my roadie(54cm/56TT)I use a 110cm+5 degree rise stem on my 54cm Crosscheck versus a 120cm zero rise stem. The extended HT and shallow rise stem produces a somewhat more upright position than my roadie but it's still nicely laid out. Works very well on/off road. Sorry to ramble but we seem to be about the same size and I also had many of the same issues you addressed.
Thanks, could you measure that HT for me?Spunout
Oct 2, 2003 11:44 AM
Surly's specs say something like 120, which is much lower than what I am doing now. If I use a frame two centimeters shorter (Surly is 54 c-t versus Lemond 55 c-c) I'd better have some HT up front!

Thanks for you advice!
Thanks, could you measure that HT for me?velofelus
Oct 2, 2003 12:04 PM
Just measured the HT 120 seems about right. You could try a couple of spacers with whatever stem you planned on using. Doing this would keep your reach the same while reducing the seat/bar difference. Tried a 56cm Crosscheck before deciding on the 54cm, didn't fit the twins had a SO issue. Does the 56 work for you as far as SO goes?
SO not a problem, TT length is, though.Spunout
Oct 3, 2003 4:04 AM
That said, stopped by my LBS yesterday and bought a 2003 Jamis Nova at 1/3 off sticker price. 54 c-c x 56.5. This bike should work fine, the larger sizes have slacker geos. not noted in the reviews here.

One thing for sure, it was going to be steel, nothing else!