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Newb question... first race this weekend...(5 posts)

Newb question... first race this weekend...KonaMan
Sep 29, 2003 1:02 PM
I'm used to mostly riding mountain bikes, never raced before, so I'm going to do the class C for my first event.

The question is... I have 2 solid bike options for this weekend, my 30 lb Kona XC F/S (not my first choice) or my LeMond Wayzata. The only concern I have with the LeMond is the rims... the bike has all the clearance in the world, running Avid 4.0 V-brakes, but the factory rims are Bontrager 22 spoke rims. I know I tend to be a bit abusive on the offroad, but I've yet to damage any rims on the mtb.

I want to use the LeMond due to weight and comfort for the course. I dropped a few pounds too (5'10 at 155 now), so I'm starting to think that those rims will hold up. I do have a set of Michelin Cross tires that will fit them. Although the stock gearing may not be the ideal, it does have the triple ring setup.

Originally I had a set of 32 hole wheels on order, but since they were lost in shipping (and the guy didn't insure them), I'm out the $$$ and the wheels.
re: Newb question... first race this weekend...flyweight
Sep 29, 2003 1:25 PM
The wheels will be fine. For gearing you'll want a 12x27 cassette. On the front end think about putting on a 46 tooth ring. You don't need a triple. If you find yourself needing a triple you'll be better off getting off the bike and running. A common MTB'er trait is this strange desire to try and ride over everything. That's not the goal of cross. The goal is to finish ahead of everyone else and sometimes the best way to do that is to get off the bike. I've even done it in MTB races where I REALLY pissed people off by getting off my bike and running past them on the climbs. Have fun!
re: Newb question... first race this weekend...KonaMan
Sep 29, 2003 1:53 PM
well... worst case (hopefully) I'll be putting them on my trueing stand sunday afternoon... LOL

See Ya at AlpenroseGripped
Sep 30, 2003 9:00 AM
First, I agree with flyweight's advice to ride the Wayzata. At 155, you aren't likely to whack those wheels. I'm 185 and run Rolf Vactor Comps and they seem to be doing pretty well -- and they are so old I have to hold them together with duct tape. Shoot, the rear one has cup and race bearings! The lighter weight of the Wayzata will more than offset the non-optimal gearing. Speaking of which, if you want to make one mod to the Wayzata that will be the most benefit on race day, swap the 42 ring with a 38 or a 39. You aren't going to use the 52. Don't shift into the 30 because you will be more likely to drop a chain.

Flyweight is also right in suggesting getting a 12-27 cassette. However, getting one at a local shop will cost $$$. And to get one via mail order, you would have to get express shipping. I don't know how handy you are with the wrench, but you could do this free solution:

1) Run the 42 front -- consider this a 1x9.
2) Pull your mtb cassette off and use it.
3) Pull your mtb rear der off and use it.

Don't worry about chain length, just don't use the 52. The 30 chainring will act as a chain catch so you won't drop your chain.

Good luck!
I was thinking along those lines...KonaMan
Sep 30, 2003 10:32 AM
I have plenty of bike parts in the garage to work with... hehehe

Too bad that spare mtb cassette is an 8-spd, I hate having to tear apart the Kona's wheels... but I got's to do what I got's to do...