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Road frame to cross conversion help.(2 posts)

Road frame to cross conversion help.ShAkFu
Sep 26, 2003 10:51 AM
I have an idle road frame I would like to build up as a cross bike. What options do I have for the rear wheel? I am wondering how I can overcome the brake mount. Please share any experiences you may have or trouble I can anticipate.

re: Road frame to cross conversion help.SenorPedro
Sep 26, 2003 6:58 PM
Shouldn't have any problems with your rear wheel if you build the wheelset with a road rear-hub. As far as overcoming the brake mount you have two options - don't worry about it, or get braze-on canti bosses on the frame and use a cross fork. IMHO it is not worth the extra expense to braze on bosses because you will likely not have enough clearance for really muddy courses and the geometry will be somewhat unfriendly to singletrack. To go to all that work and cost you should really get a new frame.

I have an older True Temper Trek that I have made a "frankenbike" conversion out of. Being a late 80's frame it has some good clearance, slack geometry, and a relatively forgiving ride. The problem I have encountered is mud. It stops up my sidepulls pretty quickly and if there is enough, it will jam up in the chainstays and slow down the rear wheel considerably. On dry courses, there is no problem keeping up with everyone else, and it makes a mean commuter and urban assualt vehicle. Right now it is serving coffee duty, thus the platforms.