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Gloves for CX riding on trails?(3 posts)

Gloves for CX riding on trails?PirateGirl
Sep 22, 2003 12:01 PM

Any recommendations on gloves for riding the CX bike on trails? My problem is blisters on my hands on the skin between the thumb and index finger. I like to ride my CX bike on a local trail, and the seams of the gloves rub my hands in that area when they are up on the hoods (which is quite a bit for this trail). I also prefer full-fingered gloves (I'm in the desert, lots of stuff to get cut on).

Thanks for any help!

re: Gloves for CX riding on trails?arctic hawk
Sep 22, 2003 12:50 PM
I am using Specialized TRX gloves (MTB), full finger, got them as a gift. It has the Body Geometry padding on the palms, extra padding between the thumb & index finger, & plenty of top armour (looks pretty cool too) for branches & all the other nasty little things that come along with trail riding. Though kind of thick looking, it's not so bad in hot weather since you are going to be sweating all over anyways.
I use them for my general commuting as well. Wiped out once without gloves on & since then, always have a pair on.
Arctic Hawk
re: Gloves for CX riding on trails?richpierce
Sep 22, 2003 2:00 PM
I just got some "mechanics gloves" at Home Depot that have black leather palms and tough yellow fabric backs. I have been riding with them about a week and they work great so far and look like they will last far longer then cycling gloves. Full finger, about $15. No padding but plenty of protection. Not too hot for mid-range temperatures either.