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Campa components and cx(5 posts)

Campa components and cxcannonsnail
Sep 21, 2003 11:21 AM

im new to cx, but want to build up a bike.

I have a campa 2001 9 speed Record groupset that i would like to use. Is it difficult getting chainrings for campe cranks - what brands make the corect size? (ta or Fsa or ?)

What about the rear deraliur. whats the biggest size cassette you can put on with a short deraileur.

As for brakes, does anyone have good experience pairing a couple of v-brakes with the campa ergopowerleacers?
do i have to use a "pizza nodle" thing?

hope to get som good advice

here's my campanano set-up...philippec
Sep 21, 2003 12:07 PM
cobbled together from parts lying around:

Campagnolo Daytona 10 sp. Ergos,
Campagnolo Daytona 10 sp. rear der.
Campagnolo 10 sp. chain
Shimano 600 Cranks,
TA Chainrings 48x38
Shimano 600 front der.
Shimano 105 hubs (2 pairs)
9 Miche loose set cogs (13-26) w/ campagnolo 10 speed spacers on each wheel...

Now... back to your ?'s:

TA makes campy-compatible chainrings, 39 is the smallest small chainring you can get on Campy cranks. TA's are pretty easy to find, I get mine from

I have successfully run a 29 cog on a short cage record der. on occasion... just be sure to tweak the b-adjustement screw. I've also run a 27 rear cog w/ no problem.

ERgo's and v-brakes: you will have run a cable pulley b'k the pull on the ergos is not sufficient.

Hope this helps



Shifts precisely, even in mud, never let me down despite some pretty desperate race shifts.
truvativ cranks campy compatibledugmn
Sep 22, 2003 3:54 AM
I've not tried it, but I emailed their tech support last week and they said that their cross cranksets have been fully tested with a campy drivetrain. They have a new roleur cross crankset coming out this year that looks pretty sweet, don't know what it will cost but it's 50 grams lighter than their standard one...
re: Campa components and cxeurochien
Sep 22, 2003 7:06 AM
I use Campy Chorus 9 sp. 48/39 and 13x26 w/a Veloce Triple bottom bracket (longer spindle necessary because of Empella frame geometry), TA chainrings are very nice (QBP also makes 135 mm Campy-compatible 48s but they are not machined as nice as the TAs). Rear cluster is 13/26 with a short derailleur cage. Also if you're looking at one-chainring options you can find 42s and 44 Campy compatible single chainrings and chainguards through Hope this helps.
re: Campa components and cxmatt friedman
Sep 22, 2003 2:19 PM
i'm using centaur 9-speed on my 'cross bike without any problems. in fact, i find the trimmability of the front derailleur makes it much easier to run double chainrings in the mud.

i replaced the 53t big chainring with a 48t Specialites TA ring from Branford Bike []. it's a fine piece of hardware, and i have no complaints. you canm also look at stronglite and salsa chainrings.

keep in mind that you won't be able to run anything smaller on the inside than 39t because of the 135 mm bcd. not that this is a huge problem, though.

i'm also running a centaur triple bb to get around the kona jake chainstays, and a veloce 13-26 cassette.