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Bontrager 1990's cross bikes(3 posts)

Bontrager 1990's cross bikesjohnnyd
Sep 16, 2003 4:21 AM
I'm looking at buying a bontrager cross bike from the mid 1990's. I've heard great things, but I can't figure out what year it was made(it's black with the Steelman straight blade), or if the components on it are what it came with originally. I'm also interested in purchasing new decals if I can find them. anybody know where I can find more info about these bikes?
re: Bontrager 1990's cross bikeslaffeaux
Sep 16, 2003 10:06 AM
There info on geometry at:

The CX was up until 1997 - not sure when KB started making them, but I'd guess in the '80s (early models are lugged, but most are TIG welded). The straight blade Steelman fork was only available towards the end of the run, so if the fork is from the factory it's a '96 or '97 (most likely).

According to the Bontrager catalogs, the only color available is grey. However, the bikes made for the race team were black, and if you ordered a bike from the factory they'd paint it black if you requested it (I'm not sure if other colors were available this way or not).

I've e-mailed KB about identifying the year based on serial numbers, and his response is that it can't done. He's pretty good about responding to questions.

Decals are hard to come by. Race and Race Lite (MTB) stickers can be found occassionally on eBay. I've yet to see a set of CX stickers go on sale. The later CX stickers are red with Bontrager written in white and "CX" on the top tube sticker.

I have a Bontrager CX and a Race Lite. A lot of people say that they are similar, but I don't agree. The Race Lite is an incredible climber, and a good (but not great descender). The CX is the opposite - it feels okay climbing and sprinting, but feels great when pointed downhill. The fork has less rake than the typical fork so it feels different from most bikes when you ride it, and it holds a straight line really well.

Hope that helps.
re: Bontrager 1990's cross bikesMShaw
Sep 16, 2003 12:41 PM
Never ridden a Bontrager cross bike, but I really like my Road Lite.

In fact, if there were another one (and I had the $$) I'd buy it.