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brake lever / canti problems..please help(2 posts)

brake lever / canti problems..please helpAsh
Sep 13, 2003 8:03 AM
Hi all,

I am using some old 105 levers (non STI) and have tried some tektro Cantis and some Shimano STX cantis (with old style straddle cable and yoke), and am having trouble getting them set up with any power at all. Or they are set so close to the rim that I can't open them to remove the wheel easily.

I believe there are two things working against me but can't be sure.
-I am not sure if these levers pull enough cable
-The arms of these brakes are not as wide as the Avids, or Mafac style.

I have also tried these levers with some tektro MiniVs and they works a little better. But I have to keep the pads so close to the rim to get decent power/feel that I can't remove the wheel w/o lengthining cable using inline adjusters.

I tried a friends Sti levers with some cantis (not sure of brand) and was impressed with how well they stopped.
can I get some suggestions for lever(NON-sti or ergo)/canti combos that work well.

Have heard about the Diacome levers that are designed to pull enough cable for V brakes, and thought I read something about some new levers from Shimano that are for cyclocross bikes.

I just want some decent braking, nothing earthshattering. So I am assuming there is something basic that I am not doing right

re: brake lever / canti problems..please helpG_
Sep 14, 2003 7:42 AM
Those low-profile cantilever brakes require more leverage than your levers were designed to provide. No idea about the Tektros, but you can improve the performance of your STX brakes slightly by making "less low profile." The brake pads are on posts, which slide in and out (you can see them in the picture below). Slide the post in, moving the brake arm out. The arms will now stick out more, and you will have a bit more leverage/power. Raising and lowering the cable hanger will impact modulation and leverage as well.