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Paging Morati....Farmpunker
Sep 9, 2003 4:54 PM
Mr Jonny K,
Are you going to be at the race on the 27th, the Baldwin Farm? My goal this year - to avoid being lapped by any brushed ti bikes. I've upgraded gear but I'm still stuck with the same legs. Any last two weeks training tips?
Morati here!morati
Sep 9, 2003 6:05 PM
Hey Nathan, I won't be able to race at the first two events this year as my brother-in-laws wedding is that weekend. I'm now in the Master B cat. anyway so you don't have to worry about getting lapped by that brushed ti bike of mine anymore. Was going to race Pro but have been suffering a bad case of tendonitis in my left hamstring. Just barely managed to win the Master B O-Cup MTB Championship this summer. As for last minute training, up your intensity this week only for short bursts (interval training and practise your technique). See you in October! Lookin' forward to seeing your new rig.
Morati here!Farmpunker
Sep 10, 2003 1:53 AM
Bummer about the hammy. I was looking forward to seeing if I could keep up to you... for a couple laps. My training prod this year: try not to be the slowest guy on the nicest bike. Do an archive search if you didn't see the pic I posted back in the spring. Turned out to be a very nice bike. Til October, then.