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paging: Burningtrees / duathlon - cx trainingarctic hawk
Sep 7, 2003 2:27 PM
Well, after having read your last note & drawing some inpsiration from it, thought I would give this duathlon stuff a try & use it as training for CX.
Really great experience! Except, all the other participants were dedicated athletes in this sport, so that made for a lonely race, so to speak, as I watched everyone rocket off into the horizon. There were only 2 others that I saw that were similar in calibre to me, dull normal, & struggling like crazy.
If I try this again, road tires are a must!!! The cycling portion was made for climbers & it just kept on going up & up with a very FEW flats spots to rest (mountain/ski region St.Sauver, Quebec). Definitely wished I had a triple on my XO1.
I hope you will do better than I, 115th out of 120 of which 3 were DNF, time of 1hr59min49sec in a 3km/30km/3km event. I hope your event has more beginners participating in the pain, uh... fun.

Can't wait to suffer in my first CX race!!!

Arctic Hawk :)
re: paging: Burningtrees / duathlon - cx trainingburningtrees
Sep 9, 2003 8:39 AM
Hot Damn! I think I've got it easier with a 5km/21km. I know I'd be hating life if, after a nice ride, I'd have to run more! Congrats on the finish! Pain keeps the bordem away?

I still haven't quite found my running legs, but each day gets better and better. And I still don't know if this dualthlon stuff will really help with the type of running in cx, but hey, any running at this point is better than no running... I think.

My first cx race is coming up (Sept. 28) and I'm still planning on doing the duathlon come Oct 5 even though the friend who essentially signed me up is dropping out. She was in a bike accident recently and won't be running for a while. (It was a real ugly accident, but fortunately she's doing quite well and even back on the bike). And I totally figure that I'll be DFL on the 5k, but I keep fantasizing about making up some time on the bike and finishing 2nd to last.

Hahahaha, I keep re-reading the "as I watched everyone rocket off into the horizon" part of your post and I get this feeling of resignation to pain and suffering that all cx'ers must share.

or maybe I'm just romaticizing it all so I stay motivated... ;) congrats again on the true dualthon finish!
re: paging: Burningtrees / duathlon - cx trainingarctic hawk
Sep 9, 2003 10:07 AM
I have you to thank for putting the duathlon idea in my head. I just hope that there are more regular people at your event. I actually think I might try it again next year, assuming that I start running earlier & not a week before.
My first CX race of my life will be on the 28th as well. Should be another interesting experience. I have a horrible feeling that the field will be composed of experienced riders & I get to "watch everyone rocket off into the horizon" once again

Let the pain begin. Again :)
Arctic Hawk