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I think I made a BIG mistake(9 posts)

I think I made a BIG mistakecapt pearl
Sep 5, 2003 9:07 AM
Was in bike store yesterday and tried a Bianchi Axis. It's fast like my roadie, but I'm not worried about blowing tires over every bump. Took the thing over a few curbs, did a little speeding up (couldn't get her wide open as the derailers were outta whack), did some bumps and grass, yada, yada.



Heh, heh.



I think I made a BIG mistake.

So, just how rough a trail can a CX take, and if I did a second set of wheels with skinny roadie tires, could I hang with the roadies (up to my current fitness level, of course)?

Heh, heh.


I think I made a BIG mistake.

-capt p
re: what's the mistake?richpierce
Sep 5, 2003 9:47 AM
How rough a trail? Stay away from rocky MTB trails- to avoid pinch flats you will have to run high pressure and will bounce all over. Don't do any big drops. I can/have ridden plenty of MTB cross country race courses on a cross bike but always take care to not bomb the rocky sections and steep downhills. It's much harder to get the weight back properly on a cross bike than a MTB.

Cross bikes climb like crazy on steep trails.

If you get a second set of wheels with skinny tires, sure, you will be just slightly slower than with a road bike. Might have to mess with your gearing and have different cassettes on your two wheelsets so as to not run out of gears when the speed is high.

I would run 48/38 chainrings and something like 12/25 or 13/26 on the cross rear wheel and 11- or 12-23 on the road rear wheel.
big fun = me wanting new bike = my mistake!capt pearl
Sep 5, 2003 12:08 PM
I was grinning like a kid. Here in mid-TN, the mtb trails range from pretty smooth to rock gardens. No question about the rock garden, but now I'm wondering how much of the other trails I could take.

Do you find that the offroading on the CX helps your mountain biking, and vice versa?

-capt p
big fun = me wanting new bike = my mistake!m barnett
Sep 5, 2003 12:29 PM
I find myself in the same situations....

Around Austin (tx) the trails range the same way - smooth to rock gardens.

I have a Kona Major Jake and an Access mtn bike.

I love doing long on road /off road rides with the Kona, the mtn bike is saved for rides that will have a lot of steep, rocky, gravelly, ledgey kind of stuff going on. Whenever the mtn bike is down - the Kona heads to the trails - I've put brake levers on the tops of the handlebar, swapped out the 12-27 cassette for a 11 - 34, and switched the 105 short cage rear mech for an XT long cage. Even tho there are some toe rubbage issues - I've enjoyed using Ritchey's 700C Zed 42mm tires. As you can tell, I've made this bike more utilitarian and less competitive - hey, it's my bike. :)

Ditto on issues with high pressure tires in loose and rocky conditions - that can beat you up or dump you. The top mount levers can help you get back off the seat for the steep down hills. The relatively narrow stance from riding those top levers can make a twisty down hill interesting. When you go back to the mtn bike - the wider stance will feel much more secure...

Get that CX bike - you'll find out what it can do...
handling skillsrichpierce
Sep 8, 2003 9:00 AM
Riding the cross bike on trails will help your MTB or road handling in sketchy conditions. Just like riding the MTB on snow will.

When you get to where you can slide both wheels in loose corners and power out of them w/o slowing or yelping, you'll know you've gained a lot.
dude! 2 wheel drift?capt pearl
Sep 10, 2003 9:13 AM
you da man!

or else, I'm slipping into the inky dark waters that may overcome me to the point that I am no longer recognizable, even to myself, as a guy who just casually rides.

yeah. I like the way that sounds.


-capt p
re: I think I made a BIG mistakexander593
Sep 7, 2003 9:57 AM
Hey Capt P,

I wrote this review and thought it might help fuel your flames....

Price Paid: $950 from a friend

Favorite Ride:
Climbing Mt Tamalpais outside San Francisco

Bike Setup:
2002 Axis with Easton Ultralite frame, XT/XTR drivetrain (48/36/22 and 12/34), SRAM chain, Avid Shorty 6 brakes, Winwood carbon fork, Chris King headset, 105 shifters and hubs, and MAV3 wheels on Continental tires.

LOVE this bike! I also own a MTB, but reserve it for only the most serious technical off-road rides. I can't imagine buying a road bike ever again. Why, when I can pace most road cyclists and then hang a left at the dirt trail to go over the mountain while they go around?

I completed a century earlier this year drawing on each of the Axis' benefits: speed to pace and pass the "roadies;" durability to handle muddy pock-marked forest roads; and a natural inclination for climbing tall hills (all 70 miles of them!). Few activites in life give one as much satisfaction as watching a road cyclist's face as you cimb past them up a steep wall riding a slightly odd-looking road frame with off-road tires...

The stock brakes (Shorty 6s) scream like you wouldn't believe! Great for warning tourists you're coming up on them, but not so great when going down an as yet peaceful and steep mountain trail. Fortunately, I have arms like an orangutan so leaning back while going down steep trails is not as much of a problem for me.

Love the frame, unimpressed by the stock components...

Similar Products Used:
Many road and mountain bikes
re: I think I made a BIG mistaketoomanybikes
Sep 9, 2003 8:58 AM
I bought a Cross bike a year ago and it has since cost me a fortune as it has re-kindled my love for bikes.

I use the cross bike on the road, with a different set of wheels and different cog-set, I use the cross bike in the local mountains and trails - it's wonderful and sure does help your bike handling skills.

Unfortunately, I have decided that I missed my cycling and bikes so much that I have since gone out and bought another road bike, re-upped my shop with new tools - etc.

Boy did that Cross bike cost me some serious coin!!!

BTW - I have shorty 6's on my Cross bike and unlike the usual comments on this board mine are as quiet as can be, they also grab and stop like nothing else I've ever ridden!
oh yeah, that's the stuffcapt pearl
Sep 10, 2003 9:22 AM
Thanks. This is really keeping me from thinking about the Axis.

Thanks a bunch!

-capt p