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Rear wheel positioning in Surly dropout make a difference?(2 posts)

Rear wheel positioning in Surly dropout make a difference?floatch
Sep 4, 2003 11:55 AM
Hello all, I have a Crosscheck that I've finished building recently, and I've been riding a lot lately in hopes of not getting dropped too badly this fall! However, I'm wondering about the placement of my rear wheel in the horizontal dropout. It's currently in about the middle, plenty of room both behind and in front of the axle. Should I go with it pushed back more for a longer wheelbase, or further forward for a slightly more active feeling ride? Any input from other Surly riders? Thanks so much! -Floatch
Sep 7, 2003 7:46 AM
the position in the dropout affects the chainstay length.
Although I do not have a surly, I do have a custom cross rig with horizontal dropouts. I perfer a tighter rear (yeah, make fun of me, all puns intended). This, I have noticed makes the bike all so slightly tighter in the corners and more "snappy"... more so in my head than in reality. I can adjust the wheel axle to bottom bracket length by nearly 2cm (42-44cm), as my chain stretches it will end up 42.5-43cm, running a singlespeed. If geared I would try to make it as short a possible (42cm) for racing and slide it back a hair for a long ride.
If you take a peek at the chainstay numbers for most cross bike they range from 42-43cm in most cases, less is more road geo and more accomodates touring and comfort bikes.
With the horizontal dropout the choice is yours...