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Cross newbie need advises !(3 posts)

Cross newbie need advises !kai-ming
Sep 2, 2003 5:41 PM
I am thinking about building a cross bike with rigid fork w/disc mount for cross-country and fast road touring. In my stable, I have a straight bar mounted with Cinelli Spinaci extension and XTR shifters. And I have a friend who wish to sell his almost new Campie Record crank set for US$100 which I think is a good deal. The followings are my questions, any constructive advise/opinion/suggestion/counter suggustion will be appreciated.
1. I wish to swap 26" wheel for XC and 700 wheel for fast road touring. I know I may use disc brake at the front, the problem is the rear. New frame will probably have rear disc mount, but that would exclude my choice of some old design titanium MTB frames. Any options at the rear other than disc brake? Is there any V-brake in the market that may be suitable for both wheels? Or can I modify ti frames to accept road brake and change the brakes while swapping wheels ? I don't need strong rear brake, since I use front brake most of the time.
2. I wish to use the Record crank set, XTR shifters, Shimano or Campy front deraileur, Shimano 9 speed chain and cassettes. Are these compatible or useable? Or Campy 9 speed chain would be better? Does it matter if I use Campy or Shimano rear deraileur?
re: Cross newbie need advises !MShaw
Sep 3, 2003 5:07 PM
1. If you're using a road wheel in a mtn frame, you're screwed unless you're running discs. The bosses on the frame aren't in the right spot to run road wheels.

2. Shifting: Campy shifter = Campy rear derailleur, Shimano shifter = Shimano rear derailleur. If you're using 9sp, either will shift Shimano 9sp cassettes fine.

The front derailleur may work, you'll just have to try it and see. I know my STI levers are shifting my XTR front derailleur fine.

There are 1" and 1.3" tires for 26" wheels, maybe you could stick with the smaller wheels?

That help?

re: Cross newbie need advises !kai-ming
Sep 4, 2003 3:33 PM
Thanks for your help, Mike ! Just brought a used titanium MTB frame(no disc mount, no brand name, possibly built in china) last night, very good condition for HK$2,500(~US$310), couldn't resist. Disc brake and road wheel may be just too complicate. I will do just what you said, use thin & smooth tires for fast road touring. I will forget the Record crank and use a XT triple.