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Tufos are on; Or: Sore thumbs....(4 posts)

Tufos are on; Or: Sore thumbs....Farmpunker
Sep 1, 2003 1:39 PM
Just installed my tuboclinchers. Total time, about forty five minutes from peeling the old tires off to putting the wheels back on. Wasn't as simple as the Tufo installation guide says: "Putting the tire on takes less than a minute." Still, not horrible. The first tire took about twice as long as the second. I found the easiest way to stretch the tires on the rim was to sit on the floor, legs out straight, with the stem\rim between my toes, while I pulled and seated the tire towards my body. Then all I had to do was toss a little air in the tire, seat the bead on one side and then the other. That's where the sore thumbs come in. No tools used.
Now to see if they are as fast as the Crossblaster they're replacing.
Oh, blue tires on a blue bike, with blue cranks. And my fave jersey is blue, too. Does this make me a geek?
Ride reviews to follow this week.
re: Tufos are on; Or: Sore thumbs....hutchtrickstar
Sep 1, 2003 6:34 PM
I just bought mine, still waiting for them to be shipped. Should be in some time this week, cant wait to ride them this weekend. I got the diamond tread. I always hear they are a pain to install, but im glad to hear you say that there not too bad. Did you keep your rim tape on? Any other tips on installing them?
re: Tufos are on; Or: Sore thumbs....Farmpunker
Sep 2, 2003 1:22 AM
The directions that come with the tires say to remove the rim tape, so I did. No real tips or tricks. I took my time and tried to remain patient. There's a thread below talking about the tires. Elivsoncrack puts his tires on the rims and inflates and stretches them overnight before finishing the installation. I wasn't that patient, but it seems like good advice. Oh, make sure and get the valve stem straight. I almost had my first tire finished, the beads were almost all set, when I noticed that the stem was on an angle. Had to unsnap the bead and get the stem straight. Make use of the little locknut on the valve.
Today is ride test day.
use the palm meatatpjunkie
Sep 2, 2003 1:11 PM
instead of the thumbs, wider pressure area so you are not using thumbs as levers. My thumbs are genetically double jointed and therefore weak, they'll 'pop' back before tire pops on. I've found this easier for me and it creates a bigger, stronger contact area.