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Vuelta USA CX Chainrings?(3 posts)

Vuelta USA CX Chainrings?TNSquared
Aug 26, 2003 6:48 PM
I just picked up my first cross bike, a used Bianchi SL Cyclocross. It is set up with Ultegra - 53/39 double chainring and 12/25 cassette. The guy threw in a set of cx chainrings that are 48/38.

The only identifier on the chaingrings is "VUELTA USA." Anybody know anything about this company? I'm just wondering if these are cheapo's or if it might be worth swapping them out with the Ultegra for cross races.

Also, I plan to install an XT 11-32 cassette and XT derailleur for extra gear range. Is there really any point to switching to the 48/38 combo up front?. How big a difference will 48/38 vs. 53/39 really make?

Thanks, Todd
re: Vuelta USA CX Chainrings?dpb
Aug 27, 2003 7:35 AM

Vuelta is a reputable name brand in the chainring side industry. They've got different quality levels of rings...for example, I had 7075 alu teflon impregnated hard anodized (beige, not purple) rings with ramps and pins on an MTB crank a few years back. They were VERY light and shifted well.

As for ring size, it depends on what you're using the bike for. If you're racing cross, lots of people here would say that the 53t is useless (I can't comment because I don't race). If you're doing a lot of road riding, 53t would certainly be nice. I used to run a 42-52t up front with a 12-23 ultegra road casette on one wheelset, and a 11-28 XT on my off-road wheels. I switched to a 38-48t up front, and my off-road riding has much improved. But, I do tend to spin out (proper terminology?) a few times on my road rides. In future, I might look into a 38-50t or maybe 38-52t because of my riding (75% road, 25% off-road). But for now, and since I don't race, I am very satisfied with the gearing and don't plan to change the rings before they wear out.

Hope this helps.
Damian Bradley
re: Vuelta USA CX Chainrings?atpjunkie
Aug 27, 2003 10:52 AM
have Vueltas on one of my cx rigs. They are light and shift quite well. I'm presently running 48-36 with 11-30 8 speed. As this bike never sees road use and is basically my "race rig" I'm changing the 48 to a 44 or 46 to tighten the chain line.