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It's almost Labor Day. Are you running?(13 posts)

It's almost Labor Day. Are you running?Alex-in-Evanston
Aug 25, 2003 6:45 AM
I feel like such a water buffalo - pounding away at the ground with my thick ankles. Lithe little runners bounce around like deer and make me feel shame. I'll keep getting up early before they're out yet.

Running?!?!arctic hawk
Aug 25, 2003 9:14 AM
Running begins after Labour Day when ball hockey season kicks in!!! I am a small guy who happens to be a shot blocking defenseman. Not really good for one's health, might I add.
I should be ready for the CX season by the 4th game (beginning of Oct), assuming I don't get hurt.

Arctic Hawk
Started yesterdaytriangleforge
Aug 25, 2003 9:49 AM
Did a moderate-pace trail run yesterday, right around just 25 minutes. Once I've built up a bit, I probably won't go much over about 40-45 minutes. I'm actually not bad at running -- my first & last 10K was just a tad over 37 minutes, IIRC -- but mentally I can't hack it. I spend most every minute of a run bored, antsy, and wishing for it to be over.

Like last year, the main point of training at running for me this year is to get to the point where I can practice hill sprints without hurting myself.

Started yesterdayburningtrees
Aug 26, 2003 8:32 AM
(hi from a long time lurker, first time poster)

Okay, so I've tried to find my running legs starting this week and I too find myself really bored, antsy, and wishing for it to be over (or wishing that i was on my bike instead).

Anyone have any good mental training tips? I have a hard time staying focused or motivated for a 5k.

First CX race end of Sept up here in WI. Hopefully I'll see some of you.
Combat boredom with pain...Farmpunker
Aug 26, 2003 12:38 PM
If you're getting bored, try going shorter distances with more intensity. Don't jog, run. Two klicks, as fast as you can.
Combat boredom with pain...arctic hawk
Aug 27, 2003 3:16 AM
Good tactic! I usually start with good intentions of jogging 3k to get used to it but never progress any further. It would seem that I cannot pace myself & the 3km jog eventaully turns into the 3km run/sprint. Can never seem to run flat out for 5km. But I will struggle to gether just to say I did it!
If you live in a hockey city, try playng ball hockey (run like mad chasing a little orange ball around) with a local organization. All the cardio you will ever want.

Arctic Hawk
Combat boredom with pain...burningtrees
Aug 27, 2003 8:17 AM
hahahaha! sweet.

Yeah, supposedly I'm trying to get in gear for a dualathon, but this running thing has never ever been something I enjoy. It's a 5k run, 21k bike. The biking is going to be cake, but that run will destroy me.

The short but intense seems to be better suited for CX anyhow. "Combat boredom with pain." I want that as a CX bumper sticker or something.
Duathlonarctic hawk
Aug 27, 2003 9:19 AM
I wish you success with the duathlon. How did you manage to find one with only 5km. The local ones, around Montreal, are in the nature of 3/5km run, 30km bike, & another 3 or 5km run.
The first run is ok, the cycling is relaxed & fun, the last run is just plain old suffering. Remember, we pay good money to the event organizers for the priviledge to suffer!

Arctic Hawk
Aug 27, 2003 9:51 AM
A friend somehow suckered me into it. At one point, I was almost suckered into doing a sprint Triathlon, but I swim worse than I run. And since it's only run-bike as opposed to run-bike-run I figured I could at least complete it. It'll be interesting to say the least.

is the page with the details fwiw.
not yetSadlebred
Aug 25, 2003 10:02 AM
Another rider and I are doing our first cross workout tomorrow night. We are taking the CX bikes to a local, easy mountain bike trail to do a few laps and get used to them. I won't start running until the first of October. My knees just can't take that much.
I hit the "Screw it" zone on the road...MShaw
Aug 25, 2003 10:31 AM started running and *gasp* riding my mtn bike again. I still have some of the screw its, but since 'cross season is around the corner here (San Diego) I know I'd better get over it quickly!

re: It's almost Labor Day. Are you running?Farmpunker
Aug 25, 2003 10:49 AM
I started trail running a couple months back. Not specifically for cross, but it was in my mind. Ran real slow at first, for 25 mins. This last month I've cranked up the intensity, going for what passes for my 5000meter pace these days. I have no idea if this is going to help my sorry cross skills or not. Can't hurt.
re: It's almost Labor Day. Are you running?swimbikerunjump
Sep 5, 2003 12:58 PM
Running? I am happy to be able to "stop" running for the cross season! Triathlon/Duathlon running doesnt help much. You need to practice short sprint/uphill running - which is totally different.