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BB spindle length....(1 post)

BB spindle length....happycx
Aug 23, 2003 6:12 AM
I have a 2002 Bianchi Axis and am in the process of upgrading to a dura ace drivetrain I got at a killer price. However, when I installed the BB (English 109.5) and installed the crankset, I found that the chainrings were no more than a single millimeter from the chainstays. The local bike shop told me to try a spacer at the end of the BB (splined BTW), but I have not found anything that would fit, and quite honestly, I don't think it would work anyway. So my question is:

Do I go with a triple BB and deal with the potential problems with the chain line?

I know that the triple spindle length is 118 and the double is 109.5. I saw that the XTR (2002) is splined and at 114 (around the middle) Are the XTR or XT BB's compatible with 105, Ultegra, or Dura Ace?

I mostly commute and the stock drivetrain is pretty worn out, and since I don't do much off road, I thought a road setup would suit me best. Any help would be appreciated!