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HandleBar Opinions (Sanity Check)(4 posts)

HandleBar Opinions (Sanity Check)UTE
Aug 21, 2003 4:03 AM
Okay, I've been spending more time on the Cross rig this summer on the trails. Actually like the ride so much, I had a rigid fork for my MTB built by Sacha at Vanilla Bikes. Anyway, I am still not a huge fan of the drop bars. Tried different stems (angles, lengths) and still not feeling quite right. Would I be nuts to try to mount the STI's to the ends of an aerobar (like the one pictured) and basically end up with a set-up that looks a lot like what I see the messengers in the city doin; with their rigs. granted they are mostly fixies, and the STI's were not specifically designed to sit at the end of these type bars, but what do you think??? Thanx!!!
Another funky option...Chicago_Steve
Aug 21, 2003 5:35 AM
No reason you couldn't go with the aerobars.

Here's another option from Jeff Jones... Call it an "H" bar? Linkage Shiggy's over on the Singlespeed board has been testing them out as a possible alternative to the now defunct WTB Dirt Drops.

...and still more funk...The Walrus
Aug 21, 2003 12:59 PM
Don't get hung up on STI if you're going the weird bar route. I grabbed an old Scott AT-2 bar out of the parts stash and rigged it with LX V-brake levers and Suntour XC thumbies when I started Frankenbiking a Wazoo that I really should have been selling instead. It'll have several choices of hand positions; the only caution I'd offer is to go to a longer stem, or it's likely to feel cramped.
re: HandleBar Opinions (Sanity Check)cmgauch
Aug 22, 2003 5:40 AM
Wouldn't you have cable routing issues w/STI on cowhorns?