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Top-mount/interrupter leversJML
Aug 14, 2003 1:05 PM
Does anyone make a top-mount/interrupter brake lever that does NOT put a minor, but still obvious, kink in the inner cable? All that I've seen in person seem to introduce a bend in the cable when the lever is pulled, and the more it's pulled, the greater the bend -- if the cable has any anti-friction coating, you can see it coming off, and there's definitely added friction as the cable goes through the bar mounting section to the moving lever. I don't understand why (except for cost) that no one has made a lever with a pivot (at either the fixed bar mount or the lever) that minimizes this bend and reduces friction. The better mountain levers have this sort of thing built into the lever (the cable holder in the lever itself does move in a circle as the lever is pulled). The Salsa looks as if the outer cable entry is angled a bit, but there's no pivot, and all the others seem to go straight into the lever.

I'm looking for one to fit the unbulged area of a drop bar.

re: Top-mount/interrupter leversStockli Boy
Aug 15, 2003 6:46 AM
I made my own out of an old pair of Dia-Compe levers, and abandoned them this summer for a nifty pair from Richard at Durance Cycles in Ketchum, ID ( They do _not_ fit the bulge, the fit the regular part of the bars. I am pretty happy with them, the cable into the back of the lever goes in at a fairly flat angle (unlike my McGuyvered old ones), and the 'feel' of the pull is pretty nice, smooth and I don't notice any friction. I added in-line barrel adjusters to give me more cable adjustment since my road wheels and 'cross wheels have different rim widths. I have had no problem with any kinking, maybe since the levers are not on the bulge they give a little more room. The perches do not hinge open, so you have to re-wrap the tape completely. Other than that, I'm quite happy with them.