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Aug 13, 2003 10:17 PM
Ok, I come from a road and mtb background, but have no experience with cross bikes. I'm looking at building up a Surly Crosscheck as a do it all bike. Road riding, trail riding and commuting. I'm stuck on what size to get. I currently ride a 57cm Lemond road bike (measured c-c) and it has a 57.5cm TT which sometimes feels a little long. The Surly 56cm frame has a 57cm TT and the 58cm frame has a 58cm TT. For this style of bike would I be better of going with the 58 frame and a shorter stem or the 56 frame. The Surly's are measured c-t so the 58 would give me a similar standover to my current Lemond. I'm 6'0 on the nose if that helps any. Open to any suggestions, but I don't have a chance to ride one I'm afraid. Thanks
go smallerlaffeaux
Aug 15, 2003 11:44 AM
The overall reach on the CX bike should be less than your road bike. I'm 6'0" and can ride a road bike with a TT up to about 59cm (much more and the stem is too short). On a CX bike I want a shorter TT - I ride two CX bikes with 56.5 and 57cm top tubes. I don't pay much attention to frame sizes other than TT length (I have long legs and a shorter torso, so standover is rarely an issue).