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Front shifting issues on my Shaman...(4 posts)

Front shifting issues on my Shaman...Farmpunker
Aug 13, 2003 9:08 AM
Here we go.
02 Aegis Shaman. RaceFace Next 46-34 crankset, 110 bolt pattern, dropped the granny for a double setup. 73mil bottom bracket. 105 front D.
I took my Shaman in for a tune. Main issue: front D throwing the chain off to the inside. Didn't want to mess with the limits since I've screwed up before. Anyway, head mechanic tells me that my bike will not shift properly with my current setup; says that the front D cannot be lowered enough with the current braze-on.
Questions: the shop has no clue about cross bikes; headmech was weirded out by the mountain crank on a "road frame". Does anyone have any ideas? Any Shaman owners running mountain doubles? ATPJunkie, didn't you say that you had friends on Shamans? What are they using? Headmech said switching to a mountain front D would do nothing. I've emailed Aegis: the braze-on is actually bolted on, so maybe they offer a longer drop version of the bracket. Am I going to have to manufacture something myself?
re: Front shifting issues on my Shaman...The Walrus
Aug 13, 2003 1:04 PM
Is there something that would prevent using the braze-on adapter for the derailleur, i.e., converting to a clamp? Voila! Instant adjustibility! I've seen a number of CF frames that had clamp-on front mechs, and there were never any questions of structural integrity being compromised.
An interesting situation...Farmpunker
Aug 13, 2003 2:05 PM
Well, well. Been an interesting afternoon with my shifting problem. Aegis does have different braze-on brackets. But the Aegis tech said that my 105 D wouldn't work with my mountain crank. News to me. I asked the Aegis tech why they made a cross frame that wouldn't work with mountain size cranks. No response yet.
But that's all beside the point. I took the Shaman out and rode around a while, studying the problem. Apparently I've put too much faith in the mechanic at my LBS. I adjusted the limits and, oh, look, it's not tossing the chain off anymore. Downshifting like a dream, in fact. Have a little chain rub in the big ring, but I didn't want to mess with the day's results. Tomorrow maybe.
Anyway, I'm shifting more or less properly now.
An interesting situation...dlbcx
Aug 13, 2003 10:34 PM
I almost ran into this problem when I got my Steelman. But, Brent, being knowledgeable about cross, asked me what kind of cranks did I intend to use. I said 'Race Face' then he asked if I wanted to use the granny. I said 'No' then he told me I had to get a Campy 102 mm BB. So, I asked him what the reason was for using such a short BB. He said that the chainline would be off if I used anything longer than 102 mm BB and the chain would always drop off to the inside of the crank. I trusted his judgement and installed a 102 mm BB. Never had a problem with chain falling off other than having misadjusted FD.