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Michelin Sprints/Jets - directional?(1 post)

Michelin Sprints/Jets - directional?deangene
Aug 10, 2003 4:15 PM
I've been running Sprints and Muds for years, both of which have one directional arrow molded into the sidewall. I always understood this to be Michelin's recommendation that the tires be mounted one way (keyword: recommendation).

I just picked up a set of all-black Jets, however, which have two arrows, one for front use and another for rear. For clarification, Michelin recommends running the front with the tire chevrons pointing forward, with the opposite recommendation at the rear (fairly standard advice for MTB tires, I believe).

This got me wondering - does anyone mount their Sprints directionally depending on front or rear use? I have Sprints on my backup bike and I'm inclined to give it a try just for yucks.