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Cross in the DC areaspringbok
Aug 6, 2003 9:33 AM
Hiya sports fans -

I tried cross racing once last season. . .loved it. . .and was planning to race a full season in Seattle this year. I may get shipped off to DC for 6-8 weeks this fall for work, and one of the factors in my decision re. whether or not to take the job is the cyclocross opportunities in the DC area. I've done a quick web search & haven't found much. Any suggestions on where to find information? Suggestions re. groups to road ride with would be helpful, too, since I don't know anyone in the DC area who rides.

Spring (and my Jake the Snake!)
re: Cross in the DC areaEric Marshall
Aug 6, 2003 10:58 AM
The mid-atlantic area, which includes DC, is one of the hottest areas in the nation for 'cross. No less than three separate race series were held locally last year. The schedules for the upcoming season are still being worked on, but here's a couple of URLs from last season:

Several clubs also host 'cross training rides during the week:

There's also a Topica mailing list for local racing:

It looks like you'll be moving! Welcome to the area :-)
re: Cross in the DC areaspringbok
Aug 7, 2003 7:29 AM
"moving"!? Nobody said anything above moving - it's just an extended business trip! :-)

Thanks much for the info. Will check the sites in another few weeks to get the schedules.

Springbok in Seattle (one of the other hottest areas in the nation for 'cross) [grin!]
Good Thinking!triangleforge
Aug 7, 2003 7:50 AM
Fifteen years in the DC area, and I still say I'm "from" Portland, Oregon.

That said, cyclocross around here ain't half bad! There's a good mix of low-key local races and big-time events where you can watch -- or race against -- riders like Gully, Page & Johnson.

My club, Squadra Coppi, is looking to add a couple of races to the calendar this year. We'll also soon be starting up Wednesday morning 'cross practice at a park in Northern VA; you can drop me a note via our webpage at -- click on the "Team" link and then on my name, Brad DeVries, when you hit town.

See you at the races!

Good Thinking!springbok
Aug 7, 2003 8:45 AM
Haha - 15 years! Man, you got sucked in! I spent 3 years in DC in the mid-90s. . .it was an awesome experience, but I'm sooooooo not moving back.

Oh - and I won't be racing against Gully any more than I currently race against Sundt. Baring surgery and a major lifestyle change, I'm shooting for Anne Grande.

Play hard!