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Thinking about getting into CX... questions(3 posts)

Thinking about getting into CX... questionsCheezhead
Aug 1, 2003 4:31 AM
Hey all,

I'm a hardcore roadie. On a ride the other day, a buddy told me that I should give CX a try. I've really been considering it now lately, the only problem is that I'm a total noob when it comes to this, so I was hoping you guys could answer a couple of questions for me. First off, there seems to be a shortage of companies that even make cyclocross bikes, let alone decent ones. I am intrigued however by Cannondale's Cyclocross Disk. Anybody have experience with this bike? I like it because it comes stock with Ultegra (whereas some other bikes come with Sora!), and it has the disc brakes, which seem like a good idea to me. Another questions is that I was told to buy one size smaller frame than I usually would ride. This is so that there is more clearance when jumping back on the bike. Is this true? If so, my handlebars would have to be higher relative to the frame to give me the same position as the road bike. Is a riser stem acceptable in CX circles?? ;) Any other advice you can give me about bikes, technique, whatever would be greatly appreciated too. Well, that's about it for now. If I go through with this, I'm sure you guys will be hearing from me in the future with many more questions. Thanks much!

Say Cheez
re: Thinking about getting into CX... questionsdlbcx
Aug 1, 2003 9:15 AM
Check out the Norcal cross links for bike manufacturers:

Haven't had any experience with the new Cannondale bike. But, if you decide to buy one, you will need to get another set of wheels because there is always a chance of getting a flat during warmup or during the race. You're correct about the frame size determination but you'll need to check the standover height since the BB height is taller versus a road bike. Having the bars little higher is OK, you might have to lower the seat, too, by a few MM.

re: Thinking about getting into CX... questionsatpjunkie
Aug 1, 2003 2:50 PM
rise stems common as you actually want bar height higher than a roadie. easier to get back on technical stuff. Shop for frames by TT length. Find one similar to your roadie. In most cases ST will be a mm or 2 shorter to compensate for higher BB, bigger tires and to provide S/O. If you plan on racing I'd avoid the discs as they will be heavy, expensive to have second 'pit' set and provide more pucker than usually needed in cx. You are on the right track though. good Luck