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Single ring questions(2 posts)

Single ring questionsskinl19
Jul 31, 2003 3:15 AM
A couple of questions for those running single rings up front. I'm going to try 8 spd barends with a 42t ring. In back I can run a XT 11x28 or 11x30. I also have a Shimano 600 rear der. or a new XTR long cage. Any preferences on which setup(s) would be preferred? The 600 should handle a 30t with a single ring.
re: Single ring questionstriangleforge
Aug 1, 2003 6:13 AM
The 600 should be fine as far as cage length with a single ring, but you might get some interference with the top pulley and biggest cogs on an 11x30. Sometimes you can cure this by messing with the derailleur tension screw (I THINK Shimano had started including these by the time they were making the pre-Ultegra 600 gruppo). Sometimes you can't -- it mainly depends on how the frame's derailleur hanger is situated. I'm running an 8-Speed Ultegra rear (single ring, incidentally) with cogs as big as 27 and it's a little tight but workable.

Since it sounds like you've got both of them in the parts box, I'd start with the 600 and see if you can make it work, and switch to the XTR if not.