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Tires; pressure; efficiency(5 posts)

Tires; pressure; efficiencydpb
Jul 29, 2003 7:50 AM
Again, I post here because I feel at home in the CX forum...

I've been running 20c Michelin Hi-lite Comp kevlar tires (slicks) for many years now...Nashbar had a sale a number of years back, they were going for like $6, so I picked up about 10. How do these compare to 'real' tires out there? I only say 'real' because I assume real tires don't sell for six bucks.

Anyway....How often do you folks pump up your tires? I end up doing this at least once every two rides. I actually run my tires rated for 100psi at ~110 because I'm a stickler for efficiency on the road. It just seems that I can't get the tires hard enough for my liking. Is there soemthing out there with a stiff sidewall that won't flex as much when I'm cranking out of the saddle (climbs, sprints)? My theory has always been to have rock-hard tires, and let the frame, saddle and tailbone take up the rest of the shock.

Would running 23c's help? I don't like the idea of extra weight or contact patch (and I know the argument about 20c's having more contact patch, but that's given the same pressure). I could be convinced...

I guess the long and the short of it is that I'm looking for a nice set of >>efficient<< road training tires (I don't race, well, I don't race other people). Kevlar is a must, slicks have worked for me thus far, price is always a factor.

Incidentally I just LOVE my Ritchey Mount Cross Pro knobbies, too bad they don't seem to make them anymore. Incidentally I tend to run these things around 45-60psi as I ride serious technical MTB trails and like all the suspension I can get. No pinch flats, lots of grip, good and comfy. Who needs an MTB, a suspension fork, or a dualie for that matter? If my 35c tires can take out the sting, 2.1" bohemoth knobbies should be plenty.

Anyone else care to rant about tires?

re: Tires; pressure; efficiencyatpjunkie
Jul 29, 2003 1:49 PM
as for cx anywhere between 35-65 psi depending on course. As for road Vredsteins Fortezzas run to 140 psi. I use these and Michelin ProRace or Vittoria Open Corsas at 120 psi. Higher psi means lower RR but harsher ride. If roads are good 20's are fine otherwise get 23's. I find deals on line. Usually $20-35 a tire not the $10 deal you got.
"max" psi ?dpb
Jul 30, 2003 8:38 AM
I was just reading up on the michelin hi-lites. They're a soft compound, and ~235g, which confirms what I've been feeling. How critical is the 'max' PSI rating? And does running higher pressure wear out the tire faster? I find the rear gets a flat / square profile after maybe 1000-2000km on the rear. I don't know how worn is too worn either, come to think of it. Like I said, I run at 110, would going higher be too risky?

Thanks atp, your advice is always great.
"max" psi ?atpjunkie
Jul 30, 2003 3:22 PM
I never go beyond suggested. On most compounds I get about 600-1000 miles on my rear so your wear is fine at 1-2K kilos. Softer compounds wear faster but grip road better, that's the trade off. On some softies I only get about 500 miles. So your wear is standard.
I'll take better grip over long wear anyday...AJS
Aug 12, 2003 5:23 AM
...because it doesn't bother me to have to replace a worn tire more often. IMHO - what good is a hard rubber compound that wears long if you're always losing traction with it?

Nope, not me! I've learned my lesson about bike tires long ago, after a few broken bones and alot of missing skin!

For road tires (clincher), I like the Vitt Corsa & Vred Fortezza

For CX clincher's, I use Vred Campo, Geax Blade, or Hutch Cross - but mostly the Campo.