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converting to triple up front - advice?(2 posts)

converting to triple up front - advice?Pauli
Jul 28, 2003 10:42 AM
After riding hilly southern Iowa (RAGBRAI) last week on my stock Poprad, I think it's time for a triple chainring.

I am clueless mechanically - do I need a new front derailleur and shifter too, or is it just a case of replacing the crankset/rings?

What are your recommendations? I'm fine with the barcon shifters, but this bike sees more pavement than trail (and I don't race) so maybe if I have to upgrade I ought to hink about STI. Also, I don't care for the braking action I get. The bike stops fine, but it takes a mighty squeeze - braking from the hoods is tough.

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom to the mechanically challenged!
re: converting to triple up front - advice?OffRoadTourer
Jul 28, 2003 6:27 PM
You will need to replace your rear derailler with a long cage version (to take up all the extra slack in the chain when you go to the lowest gear), probably your front derailler to a triple crankset version, your shifter will only work with the triple if it has a friction mode or is already triple compatible. And lastly, you will probably need a different length chain. If you think you might want to go STI prepare to pay through the nose!

As for your brakes, I'm going to start a debate here, but you'll probably find much better braking power by running V brakes with Travel Agents or DiaCompe 287V levers. The older style cantilever brakes are worshipped by traditionalists but don't have the power of V brakes.

Find a good bike shop and they should be able to expand on all of the above.