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rear cassette is a little loud..(2 posts)

rear cassette is a little loud..blkberry
Jul 17, 2003 5:16 AM
Hi everybody.

I have a Specialized CX cyclocross bike. It is trully a fun bike to ride.Very comfortable.I have not any problems with the Ultegra components.But recently i was cleaning the chain and the rear wheel durailleurand 9sp cassette and after i was done i lubed everything up.When i took my bike for a spin, i noticed that the clicking you hear got louder than previously. How can i quiet the clicking down? I did like the way it was almost like you barely heard it. Thanks.
Jul 17, 2003 5:26 AM
The clicking is caused by the pawls in the freehub. The pawls allow the wheel to "drive" when your chain puts tension on the cassette and freely spin when their is no tension. An increase in noise probably means that the lubricant inside the freehub has been degraded or otherwised washed away and the freehub could probably use some cleaning. Since different manufacturers have different designs for their freehubs you probably want to see if you can get a parts diagram before tearing into your hub. You might also want to consult the Wheelbuilding forum on as those guys have a lot of good hub knowledge.

Steve-O (talking from experience as I just trashed a Sun Ringle freehub earlier this week ;-)