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Tire Size for Commuting(5 posts)

Tire Size for CommutingCapital Crescent
Jul 15, 2003 2:08 PM
Looking for advice on tire type/size for my Surly cross commuter. Single speed, regular wheels (32H open pro). Pannier with clothes/some books, so about 15-20 pounds. Summer tires - would consider another set for winter.

Commute each way (28 total): 2 miles hardpack gravel. 2 miles urban traffic. 2 miles bike path - a little rough. 8 mile smooth rail trail.
Try a 28-30mm smoothie, kevlar belted preferably.jw25
Jul 16, 2003 1:56 PM
I'm thinking something like a Panaracer Pasela Kevlar, maybe a Rivendell Ruffy-Tuffy, or even some Vittoria Courier 32's. The hardpack gravel's going to be the worst, and no 700c treaded tire would make too much difference there, but you'd definitely notice the rolling resistance on pavement.
A large smooth tire, though will be controllable on the gravel, and roll fairly fast on the road. The trick is not inflating to max pressure, but letting them squash out some. For a 28-30, you could probably go 80 psi front, maybe a little hgher rear, for the panniers.
Specialized Turbos...The Walrus
Jul 16, 2003 4:19 PM
...with the Armadillo puncture-resistant lining. The ones I have are 26c, which has been more than adequate for my Clydesdale bulk. I haven't had a single flat with these tires, even on the worst goathead-infested routes I've encountered.
re: Tire Size for CommutingShanks23
Jul 17, 2003 2:10 AM
You might want to look at the Continental Sport 1000:

700x28 should do the trick. They're nice and flat in the middle, but have a bit of tread on the sides for that hardpack gravel and also for cornering on that rough bike path.
Michelin Transworld sprintsTrevo
Jul 18, 2003 9:15 AM
They were the first large 700c tire I ever tried.
A little to much tread, but take a look at these Transworld Citys.

If not there check nashbar they have great deals on tires.