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Cyclocross sizing help needed(2 posts)

Cyclocross sizing help neededCarl Mega
Jul 12, 2003 12:44 PM
I could use a little help sizing myself for a new cyclocross bike/frame. I'm 6'1'' w/ a 34'' inseam. I'm torn between getting a 58'' (close to my road bike size) or a 56'' (more cross-able?). I plan to use this bike about 60% road/40% fireroad+trails and maybe 1 or 2 races a season. Any suggestions? I know idealy I should be getting the test rides in but I'm not sure I'll be able to. Top tube seems to be the difference - here's the bikes/frames I'm looking at are:

Trek XO-1 56 ST(c-c)/555 TT(c-c) & 58 ST(c-c)/565 TT(c-c)
Salsa La Cruces 56 ST(c-c)/568.5 TT(c-c) & 58 ST(c-c)/578.7 TT(c-c)

I was considering the Lemond (57/57.8) but I don't think I can get the deal I need.

Am I way off?

re: Cyclocross sizing help neededatpjunkie
Jul 14, 2003 12:06 PM
you are pretty much 'on'. a 57 would be ideal, my inseam is 35" and change I ride a 61 c-c ST roadie with 59 TT and cx bikes that are 58's with 59 TT's. find a TT that is the same and go from there. you are leggy for your height and the salsa's run more euro (short TT's)