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Ideas for getting a used cross bike >$500 ?(5 posts)

Ideas for getting a used cross bike >$500 ?mekkon
Jul 6, 2003 6:50 AM
I'm trying to help my girlfriend get a cross bike, and she's got up to 5 bills to spend. It doesn't need to be anything super fancy - it'll be used primarily for commuting and fire roads... the only racing it may see will be among friends.

I've searched here and e-bay without much luck. We've found a few possibilities out there, but not much. Are there any other good cyclocross classifieds online? She really wants to get something asap for this summer, and she is not at all happy with my idea of waiting and keeping an eye on roadbikereview + ebay to see what pops up.

We're in eastern Mass. (Cape Cod) so if anyone knew of anything even vaguely local we'd be psyched. And yep, I've hit the LBS - and most of them around here specialize in rentals, and just offer to order any new cross bike we'd like...

As per sizing, she's 5'7" but with a 34" inseam. I've been looking to put her on something 50-55cm give or take. I figure a longer seatpost with a smaller frame would help compensate for her long legs/short torso.

If anybody has anything to offer (a resource or a bike...) please do pass the word on. As I said, we're looking to spend $500 or under when all is said and done, so hopefully we can find a rig for $400 and have some room to tinker. Thanks a lot!
-tom and cara

PS - I've toyed with the thought of getting a hybrid and adding drop bars and some better components (maybe a used 105 kit). Any thoughts?
re: Ideas for getting a used cross bike >$500 ?The Walrus
Jul 6, 2003 11:20 AM
You could try looking at; they don't get the sort of traffic that RBR and eBay do, but something might turn up. Also try looking at the classifieds on, searching by brand; you'll often find cx bikes there that don't show up on RBR.

Another thing: there's gotta be organized 'cross somewhere in your area. Contact a local club and see if any members are selling decent used rigs.

As for the hybrid, it can work really well
i if
you find a good frame; most of them are much heavier than a true cx frame, and the geometry will probably be a bit slacker than you'd want.
re: Ideas for getting a used cross bike >$500 ?snwbdrhoon
Jul 8, 2003 5:04 AM
If you can make the trip farther north, you can find some good deals around the Boston-area...

I got a good 2000 Trek XO-1 at Bike Alley in Worcester for $650. It was brand new and originally retailed for around a $1,000.

I also know Wheelworks has some good deals and some of the other local shops as well...
(Scroll up to see the bikes)

Wheelworks also has their Wheelworks2 store that specializes in older bikes and used bikes. I'm sure you can find a deal there.

OR post a wanted on this site's classifieds. I'm sure someone has a beater cross bike lying around.
re: Ideas for getting a used cross bike >$500 ?Hardtail
Jul 11, 2003 10:46 AM
I got a Trek Hybrid (Im not sure which model number but its the top of the line with OXIII tubing) put drop bars on it and turned it into a Cyclocross bike for my wife. The frame is light enough (some of the new aluminum ones are probably light too). She has a hook with a bunch of medals from races shes done on it (womens 3-4) lots of silver in there (one gold too). So I think the hybrid thing is a sneaky way to build a cross bike cheap, just make sure the frame has good tubing.
Hers has a mix of components from XTR to Ultegra to 105
Check this out on Ebay!arctic hawk
Jul 11, 2003 10:54 AM
Check this out on ebay. Could be what you are looking for & not much to tinker with.