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Shiman BL-R600 brake levers w/ discs?(4 posts)

Shiman BL-R600 brake levers w/ discs?sfrider
Jun 28, 2003 11:03 PM
Does anyone know if the Shimano brake BL-R600 levers (non-STI) willl work with mechanical disc brakes? I am setting up a bike with drop bars, disc brakes and bar-end shifters. I have been told that the Dia Compe 287 levers will work with discs, are the Shimano BL-R600 levers much different? Would they work? Also, any opinions on Hayes HMX-1 disc brakes, they are deeply discounted right now?

re: Shiman BL-R600 brake levers w/ discs?OffRoadTourer
Jun 29, 2003 8:41 PM
The Dia Compe 287v is a V brake specific lever, (which means it will work with discs). As far as I know there is no other road lever with that amount of cable pull so no other road lever will work properly with V's or normal cable discs.

BUT, Avid make a road bike specific disc brake which will work with normal road brake levers. You can always upgrade your levers later, to STI or whatever, and the disc brakes will still be compatible. Check it out at:

I think Hayes used to make one too but there's nothing on their website about it now. But Hayes HMX-1 brakes will NOT work with normal road bike brake levers. Their performance is pretty average anyway, the Avids would be better. But if your heart is set on the Hayes you could get them to work with Dia Compe 287v levers. Just bear in mind you will always have to use those levers.
Avid discs?sfrider
Jun 30, 2003 5:38 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I would really like to get the mtb version of the Avid discs in case I want to use them on a mountain bike with flat bar levers. I think that makes the Diacompes my only choice for levers, right? I'm assuming the Avid road version are not compatible with mtb style levers.
Avid discs?Dan Cas
Jun 30, 2003 6:41 PM
I have both road and mtb versions of Avid discs(along with a 'cross disc fork) that I'm not using now.

I think you ...might... be able to use the road version with a mtb lever.Pull would be harder,but they are so strong It may not be a problem.

I consider the Avids to be one of the all time great products I ever bought.