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Old school touring bike, cross it?(6 posts)

Old school touring bike, cross it?Trevo
Jun 23, 2003 10:02 PM
Iam getting this big-ol 63cm Centurion touring bike with canti mounts. I've never gotten my hands on anything like a road bike wise with canti mounts. The centurion has two fates. 1. it will be a touring bike and Ill see how far I can go on it in a day and then gradually go farther, then do a 1000mile ride from RiverFalls WI to Great Falls MT. which has bee a goal of mine for a while.
2. Itll be a foul weather off-road cross bike. this I have questions about. One thing is the bikes size, its a 63 or 64cm and Iam 6'3+ Is the frame gonna be to big for off road cyclocross kinda stuff?
Another question is the brakes? I have some Avid 2.0 vees I wouldent mind using. Are the quality of Avid centerpulls worth the generally cheap price?

I need an outlet for all my road bike parts I've accumulated and no road bike to put them on.

Thanks for suggestions
re: Old school touring bike, cross it?DavidK
Jun 24, 2003 7:11 AM
Go for it. I raced two seasons on an old Scwhinn touring bike and had a tremendous amount of fun. It was not perfect - the BB was a pretty low and the wheelbase was way too long - but it worked well enough.

I am 6'3 also and my frame was a 62. I would have prefered more standover but I was able to make it work. I know nothing about the brakes you mentioned, I bought some very cheap generic cantis which were barely acceptable.

I have retired the old bike and moved on to a Jake wjich is probably too small, its a 56. I think I will still use the old bike for general riding, etc.

re: Old school touring bike, cross it?Hardtail
Jun 24, 2003 9:52 AM
Go for it
I have a Centurion touring bike with Reynolds 531 tubing that I use as my cross bike. It works perfectly, the wheelbase is a bit long I suppose and the geometry a bit lax but no more than a mountain bike is so I think it's pretty good.
Tha Avids aren't too bad.
If the bike fits you it should be fine for cross.
Cross is for FUN,IMHO, so who cares if you dont have the latest greatest newest thing?? Recycling old stuff is what its all about
What model is your Centurion?Trevo
Jun 24, 2003 3:29 PM
I just hope the things not too big! If its a little big and dosent leave much bail room or standover, which Iam assuming it will be, then ill keep it for dedicated touring.

You're Crazy!Gripped
Jun 25, 2003 11:47 AM
Not about the bike .. about riding from Wisconsin to the MT Rockies. I had a friend who rode from Ann Arbor, MI to Seattle who had these comments:

1) There are no trees in SD or MT until you hit the Rockies.

2) No cover means you are exposed to the elements: sun (bring LOTS of sunscreen), rain (expect t-storms), wind.

3) Panniers are great sails. The predominant wind pattern is westerly (coming from the west). That means you are riding against the wind almost all the time.

4) Seeing the same terrain for days on end was psychologically draining. Brown, brown, and more brown.

He said that he would never do a tedious stretch like that again if he could help it.

I suggest starting in Calgary and riding down to Great Falls (if that is an important destination). You can hit some great national parks in Canada and the US. Scenery the whole way if you plan the route well. Alternately, start somewhere south and ride up the Rockies. You can pass right by the Tetons and other nice areas. I think the northern route is nicer though.
ride it in reverseatpjunkie
Jun 25, 2003 12:35 PM
take a train out there and ride home. Wind and gravity working for you. Watch T Storms in summer.