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Who makes (and really stocks) a 60 cm AL framed cross frame?(7 posts)

Who makes (and really stocks) a 60 cm AL framed cross frame?Coolhand
Jun 19, 2003 11:17 AM
I have had no luck finding one in actual stock. The neat Salsa Sandium will not be available in 60 cm size despite what the Quality catalog says.

I work part time for a shop which stocks Rocky Mountain, Specialized and Cannondale and can get Litespeeds, Titus and IF's. Would like to stay away from steel as this bike will be trashed a bit and become the bad weather bike. We have run into lots of leads, but when we ask them-- can we get one now, we get much shrugging of the shoulders and the frightening claim of "three weeks".

As "two weeks" really means 1 1/2 months at the soonest, I think 3 weeks means October in Bike Industry speak.

Looking to be able to score the pro deal, Al frame, disc mounts would be a plus. Not too keen on Ebay after the rash of bike related scams there as of late.

My road bike specs: TT 59.3, Seat tube 52.5, seat angle 73.0, Head Tube length 20.5, Head tube angle 73.5


52.5 ST? I'm assuming that's compactatpjunkie
Jun 19, 2003 12:20 PM
do you know what 'normal' ST you ride? Specialized makes the SWorks in a 60 but you may fit a 58 as well. I ride a 61x59 Roadie and ride the 58x59 S-Works (though I think Geometry has changed). Empellas run all the way to 61 or 62, Cannondales have notoriously short TT's so I'd forget that angle. How tall are you and what is your inseam?
Yep- it is a custom- good eye! More info:Coolhand
Jun 20, 2003 6:32 AM
I am just between 6'0 and 6'1 tall, with relatively longer arms and 32 inseam on my pants (I could dig out my custom measurements which are at my LBS).

My road bike is a Seven Odonata bought 3 years ago when I was living in the big city and making good $$. Now I am a lot more poor- but ride much more, a happy trade off. I had ridden a Litespeed prior to the Seven, but felt I was too far forward on the bike. Proportionally, I tend to like a bit more top tube then the average rider (I think its my arms). All my MTB's are XL's. Are are my shirts.

Didn't Specialized stop making CX bikes for a while now- you still seem some on E-bay, usually 2000-2001's though. Back when the S-works bikes were M-4 (rather then the M-5).

BTW- Cannondale has really streched their TT's the last 2 years, and have gone from being "short" on TT per a given size, to being a tad "long" for a given size-- especially on the MTB front. But, availability of the 03 stuff is not too good as you can imagine.

Curruntly looking at Orbea- which may have the size (in theory) but not the availability.

Thanks for your assistance!!

60 is never going to fit you.atpjunkie
Jun 20, 2003 8:54 AM
you are going to have some special needs. you by measurement need a short/long bike. Orbeas tend to follow Euro Geometry of Tall/short where seat tubes are longer than top tubes. Empellas run long but you are going to need a rig with a 59 TT and a 56 or 57 c-c top. I have nearly 35" of inseam and I ride 58 c-c ST w /59 TT's. With a 32" inseam You'd tip toe over my TT's. You work at a shop right? contact Soulcraft, they custom build, their cx have 'slight compact' geo. You don't want full compact as it limits portage space. The Soulcraft large runs 56.5 ST x 59 TT. Check the classifieds here, there's one for sale with all the info or go to their site or contact Curtlo or some of the other custom shops.
Yes, specialized stopped I think. I own a Y2K M$ S-Works and in 2001 they shortened their TT's.
I know you are web fearful, too bad a sweet Orbea cx frame in 58 just sold for about 4 bills.
60 is never going to fit you.Coolhand
Jun 20, 2003 9:35 AM
You are probably right- that may be one of the reasons that the Litespeed was never quite right. The Seven is a dream- I will ride it forever.

I guess I may either have to go custom, or get a decently close fit on TT, and make sure I use an offset Setpost and bit of a longer stem to add a bit of space. Might be "good enough" for my first season.

Someone who builds "long and low" is perfect for me.

If I went steel, IF would be an option was well as many of the racers on the Shop sponsored team have gotten nice rigs from them. And then I could get the flame paint job! Still, I was hoping to avoid a budget buster as this year is my first racing cross (been a hard core roadie/MTB'er forever). Although those Curtlo's look nice as well.

I have bought lots of stuff over the web, and would buy used from a regular here in a second. It is just that there has been a string of bike fraud sales on Ebay in the last couple of months. I would like to do business with someone trustworthy.

Thanks again for all your help, and any additional input you may have.

A few things...merckx56
Jun 23, 2003 6:09 AM
Your road bike is obviously a custom with a head tube extension. You will never find a stock frame with a headtube as big as your road rig. You want a cross bike to be smaller than your road frame. You have to be able to ride it offroad and dismount. A 60cm cross bike would be WAY too big for you. A 58cm Salsa Las Cruces (scandium) would fit you just fine. The TT and ST are both 58 (not compact). HTA is 72 and STA is 72.5. Unless you go custom, you won't get steeper angles, and to be honest, you don't want steep angles on a cross frame. The slacker angles of a cross bike allow the ride to be less twitchy and more stable. Most cross bikes will have a slacker HTA than STA anyway. You want a shorter TT on a cross rig. It creates a smaller cockpit. The Salsa's HT length is 16.5cm.
You may have to go custom to get a frame setup the way you want it. Vicious makes a frameset that is disc compatible, but it's steel. Good luck getting a "pro" deal on a custom! It's just doesn't happen that way!
A few things...Coolhand
Jun 23, 2003 7:05 AM
Thanks for the post!

Good catch on the headtube issue- I like the bars up a bit, keeps the lower back happy. My main concern is the amount of top tube. I have run into two camps on Cross sizing- same size and one smaller on TT. Often the one smaller tend to run their mountain bikes a wiff smaller too. My mountain bike has alot of TT as well. When I had gone with shorter TT'ed mountain bikes lower back cramping became a serious issue- especially under race conditions.

I would love to able able to buy a 58, as the availibility is so much greater. The main worry is that most 58's may just lack enough TT while being perfect in all other respects. Maybe a builder which leans towards longer TT's such as your namesake or Lemond does.

Still I may just go with "close enough" this year while putting together a good parts kit. I could always try another frame with the same parts next year, after gaining more experience. The club I joined this year is looking a possibly getting a frame deal with Orbea [crosses fingers]- so I may just talk with them about what stock frame would fit best.

Your right about no pro deals on customs- its pretty rare. That's why a stock frame for me.

Thanks for your help!