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Frankenbike shifters(8 posts)

Frankenbike shiftersThe Walrus
Jun 17, 2003 3:30 PM
The Frankenbiking urge has struck me again, and I'm now thinking of building up a '00 Wazoo frame as a play bike/UAV, rather than selling it as I should. I really want to run thumbshifters (on one of those Scott bullhorn-type bars), but don't know if there were ever any that would shift across an 8-sp cassette. I can get by with 7-sp, but 8-sp would be best; I'm not fussy about indexing, in fact, friction shifting would be more in character. Any suggestions?
re: Frankenbike shiftersatpjunkie
Jun 17, 2003 6:15 PM
thumbshifters as in downtube shifters? I'm not sure but I think you can get them as I've seen some on some Kelly take offs equipped cx bikes. I'm not sure if they were friction or not but they were running on Shimano 8 and 9 speed drivetrains.
re: Frankenbike shiftersThe Walrus
Jun 18, 2003 12:27 PM
No, thumbshifters as in pre-RapidFire, topmount MTB shifters. I can probably find some old Deore models, but I know from experience they'll only do 7-sp. Shimano is actually still making thumbies, but they're Tourney-level stuff and I'll bet they won't go farther than 7-sp, either.
re: Frankenbike shiftersdpb
Jun 18, 2003 5:47 AM
Try and score some Suntour XC Pro thumbshifters if you can. They'll do 8sp (and hence 9, right?) and are really bombproof. I ran them on my old MTB for a while, quite liked 'em.

The old XT thumbies are also supposed to be good, but I've never tried 'em.

re: Frankenbike shiftersThe Walrus
Jun 18, 2003 12:31 PM
Thanks for the heads-up; I was pretty sure I'd once heard of 8-sp thumbies, but Suntour completely slipped my mind. Maybe some kind soul on eBay is selling some...
www.forge-mtb.comFrank Tuesday
Jun 18, 2003 2:18 PM
They make some 8 and 9 speed thumbies. Actually, they have make perches that bar end shifter set on to behave like thumbies. Check it out. It is better than my description.

Ahhhhhh--that is absolutely brilliant!The Walrus
Jun 18, 2003 2:30 PM
I often wondered why no one had done that before--there had to be lots of other cranks like me out there who wanted something like this. I'll have to e-mail them straightaway.
i Great

(Is a Frank Tuesday anything like a Joe Friday?)
Cant describe it...Frank Tuesday
Jun 19, 2003 6:04 PM
just go to the website.