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rust in Gunnar frame(3 posts)

rust in Gunnar frameortman
Jun 16, 2003 12:56 PM
I bought a '99 Gunnar Crosshairs (Reynolds 853 steel) used from a Portland, OR bike shop last fall and was told it had no rust. After taking it home and pulling the seat post out I found some rust at the top end of the seat tube, extending down about 12 inches or so. (I know I should have checked before I took it home but I trusted the bike shop). The rust seemed to be superficial, not deep or pitted. I took the bike to another bike shop and had them pull the bottom bracket and no significant rust was found. They also cleaned the seat tube rust with a wire brush and treated the frame with Frame Saver. My question is, should this frame likely be OK? Will Frame Saver stop existing rust? Do Reynolds 853 steel frames rust that easily? Thanks for any thoughts on this.
Idea Worse Than the Effectpeter in NVA
Jun 16, 2003 1:17 PM
Ten years ago I bought my dream fillet brazed steel road bike (brandname withheld). Having moved from Calif to humid Virginia, and before the popularity of Frame Saver, I knew nothing about what could happen to the inside of a frame. The seat tube rusted very badly in 6 months. It was reamed out, treated with Frame Saver, and no problems since.
But...I look at the beautifull welds and still can't enjoy the bike.
re: rust in Gunnar framekiwisimon
Jun 16, 2003 6:46 PM
Reading what the bike shop has done with the wire brush and frame saver you should be fine. My Colnago I bought 15 years ago at one stage developed rust in the seat tube.I didn't have any frame saver but with a dowell and sandpaper i got back to metal, sprayed on a rust killer and no problems since. My knees will die before this frame does. Relax and enjoy the ride. Re reynolds 853, no more or less than other metal frames. Metal will corrode if exposed to air and water, keep it lubed and don't sweat it.
simon in japan