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only a cross bike???(9 posts)

only a cross bike???mattmatt02
Jun 10, 2003 7:37 AM
I am pondering whether or not to sell my new xtr mt bike and get a cross bike. I enjoy some trails, but also enjoy going out on the road. I don't have enough $$$ for two nice bikes. I am thinking about a kelly cross bike with dura ace and kysriums. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
I don't think so.DustBowl
Jun 10, 2003 10:28 AM
You say you don't have the money for two nice bikes. Why do you need two nice bikes? You will surely take a big hit in the $$ department if you sell any new bike to buy another new one. If money is an issue than it sounds like a poor solution. Hell, you could get a cheap road bike for $400 which is much less than you will loose in your suggested transaction. If you refuse riding anything but really nice bikes than it doesn't matter what you do because you will get sick of your new bike and sell it in six months anyway.
re: only a cross bike???snwbdrhoon
Jun 10, 2003 10:28 AM

I often thing of ditching my mtn bike in favor of only my cross bike. I ride my cross bike through everything that my mtn bike does except for a few exceptions. And the difference is a Trek AL frame versus a Litespeed Ti frame. Cross if FUN.

If you think it's a good decision, go for it. You could also probably use 90% of the parts from your MTN bike too...

If you're looking for a steel frame, also consider:

steelman cycles

if bikes

Both also very good choices and comparable to Kelly.

You may also want to spec the bike so it's not all Dura Ace... Some of the high risk areas may be better suited as XTR, XT or Ultegra. Many folks use XT or XTR rear derailleurs, cassettes, etc.

A carbon fork would be a good bet too, esp. if you are coming off of a front suspension mtb.

I suggest also a 2nd wheelset for the road and a burly one for your offroad adventures!

Last thought - Perhaps a 29" mtn bike is more in line with your thoughts. You could set it up with drop bars so it's like cross/road but a little tougher for your mtn applications.
another thoughtatpjunkie
Jun 10, 2003 11:36 AM
scratch together about $700 plus or minus and scour the net. buy a good used crosser for this or less. have 2 bikes and be happier.
Not for meMTJ
Jun 10, 2003 1:37 PM
I have both and don't think I'd be happy without either. I can't do 50 mile road rides on my mtb, and I can't ride technical singletrack on my 'cross bike. I use both for their intended purpose, and I could not be happier.

I'm with DustBowl, by the way, in regards to your "two nice bikes" comment. I have a nice mtb - Intense Uzzi SL, Marzocchi, XTR, Thomson, Hope Discs, blah blah blah. I also have a decent 'cross bike - Kona Jake the Snake, full 105, no name post/stem/bar. My 'cross bike is nowhere near as nice as my mtb, but I can't say I enjoy it less because it doesn't have Dura-Ace components. Unless you're a light rider (or don't ride hard) I don't think Kysriums are really the way to go off-road anyway. The point we're making here (if I may be so bold as to paraphrase the other posters here) is that you don't need some fancy whiz-bang 13 pound bike to enjoy the ride. Buy what you can afford, enjoy it, keep the mtb, and enjoy that too.
Definitely for me..snwbdrhoon
Jun 10, 2003 5:27 PM
Sorry, I may be totally unreasonable, but I would jump at the chance to have a SICK cross bike as my only bike. I haven't had a problem with tight singletrack and my cross bike.

Although I will say it is a nice "problem" to have 2 bikes...
another opinionsnwbdrhoon
Jun 10, 2003 5:36 PM
The good answer to every good question: <i>It Depends</i>.GlowBoy
Jun 10, 2003 8:52 PM
... on the mix of riding you do. Particularly your off-road riding. With the right tires, a 'cross bike can give you 95% of the performance of a road bike, but it cannot give you 95% of the performance of a mountain bike on some trails. Yes I can (and sometimes do) ride my 'crosser 95% of the places I take my mountain bike, but not necessarily as well. There comes a point where the trail gets rough enough that a 'cross bike doesn't do well and beats you up too much.

Are you mostly riding fireroads and fairly smooth singletrack? A 'crosser might do just fine, and might actually be substantially faster than a mountain bike.

Or are you riding technical trails where the ability to thread a line through the rocks is absolutely critical (something 'crossers are not so good at due to their "lively" steering), or going over big rocks, log-overs and 2' drops? A good rider on a 'cross bike can do most of that stuff, but for those conditions a mountain bike will be more stable, comfortable and capable.
re: The good answer to every good question: <i>It Depends</i>.snwbdrhoon
Jun 11, 2003 4:04 AM
True dat.

Although I find weaving through rocks is easier with the skinnier wheels... Could just be psychological though. 2' drops are definitely not what the doctor ordered on a 'cross bike. But it makes good skill work for when you get on your mtn bike... That's for sure.