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Stand-over height??(3 posts)

Stand-over height??highcamp
Jun 7, 2003 5:03 AM
I'm 6'4" and thus the chances of finding 'cross frames to try out before purchasing is rather low. This will be my first cross rig as well as the first time I really have to pay attention to stand-over height. So I'm used to measuring my cycling inseam / pubic bone height when narrowing down frame sizes, I figure with that number combined with frame and typical tire dimensions that I should be able to come upon a real world stand-over height that'll work for me.

I'm guessing that the standover height provided by frame manufacturers is from the highest point of the top tube to the ground with the frame on bare rims (i.e., no tires).... am I correct or is stand-over height measured differently?

Second, what is the typical vertical relief of the most common 'cross tires? (the Michelin 'cross for example)

Lastly, how much actual stand-over clearence do most of you have over your top tubes? (assuming you're in cycling shorts, measuring from the crotch of the shorts to the top tube - not by jamming the bike up into your jewels and measuring the distance from tire to ground, also assuming both the bike and you are wearing shoes).

re: Stand-over height??Dan Cas
Jun 7, 2003 9:02 AM
Standover height is measured in varios ways by different makers.none of which matched any cross bike I've had(5).

Most say at the middle of the toptube using X tires,usually 28 or 32.

Most here consider standover important,however I think its a non-issue.The argument is if you miss the right pedal on a remount yuo're dead.I say the learning curve is steep and you won't miss twice:)

Seriously,I don't think you dab like a mtb and I've had some tall bikes with no problem.

Given a choice,a bike with a low BB gives a more stable platform with a lower saddle for remounts.I've never understood why some have BB's as high as a mtb,now that clipless pedals are the norm.

re: Stand-over height??atpjunkie
Jun 9, 2003 11:19 AM
agree that most use 28/30 or 32's to measure s/o. Given your height, depending on inseam you'll be antwhere from a 57-60. 57 if you are stubby legged (32" inseam) 58-59 if you run 33-35 or so and maybe a 60 if you are leggy. I'm 6'4" with a 35 inseam and I ride 58's but could fit a 59. I unlike the previous poster like about 3-4 c of room for my pals. Stuff happens when it's wet and you are gasping.