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Thoughts on Speclialized M4 CX Cyclocross frame/fork ...(5 posts)

Thoughts on Speclialized M4 CX Cyclocross frame/fork ...Tahoe Gator
May 28, 2003 2:34 PM
Looking at buying a used Specialized M4 CX cyclcross frame and fork to serve as winter training bike (cyclocross) and potentially as a single speed and/or fixed gear (using one of those new-fangled hubs that allows such a thing on standard drop outs). Reviews give reasonably good marks, but thought I would post the question here; in particular, I have the option to purchase with or without the M4 aluminum fork ($125 difference). Would I be better applying that money toward another fork (carbon, steel, etc.) and if so, what reasonable choice is out there? Don't want to spend too much since this is a training bike that will largely be made up of used parts. Thanks.
Just FYI...The Walrus
May 28, 2003 7:40 PM
CBO is closing out some of the white-and-red M4 frames, sizes 56 and 58, for $249 (without a fork). Don't know what you were thinking of paying for the used one, or if these sizes would work for you, but there it is. -- look for "U.S. Made", immediately after the Soma frame; they apparently aren't allowed to identify the maker, so all the identifying decals in the photo are "censored", but it's still recognizable.
Sweet ride!dpb
May 29, 2003 6:46 AM
Hi there,

Personally, I love my M4cx...I will probably ride this one into the ground, which should take a while. The ride is stiff, very much so laterally, but can be a >>little<< harsh too. That largely depends on how you like your tires...I like feeling the road beneath me, but I err on the softer side for the MTB stuff.

I use the bike not so much for cyclocross, but as a full-duty road bike for 75% of the time, and a full-duty MTB for the rest. It handles the road very well...I am light, but I can definately put some torque on the cranks, and I used to rub the tire off of the stays on my steel frame in a sprint. The M4CX doesn't blink. It's stable enough for the road, it might not have quite the same 'on-rails' feel of a road bike but I've never felt that to be a problem, just a difference.

It takes the off-road with some style as well. It's not too harsh with some knobbies...I do all the trails I used to do on my MTB on this thing, and with a little finesse, I've kept up with some folks on dualies. One thing to note is that you're probably looking at a max tire width of ~35c full-knobby if you're doing some tough MTB trails. No problems for me, but it depends on your style. I never take it easy on this bike on the trails, and it's never complained.

The Frame itself is nice...nice beefy welds, butterfly gusset, nice looking chainstays and replacable deraileur hanger. Light enough, but built to take a BEATING.

I got mine from Bikeman a few years back ('00 model) for what...$300-350 with a Kinesis Crosslite fork. I really like the fork, except I might like a black one if I were serious about cosmetics...which I'm not. It's almost as light as carbon, and does its job. I haven't looked at cross fork prices in a while, so I don't know if $125 is a good price for the m4 fork. I wonder if that is actually a Crosslite in disguise..?

That's all I can think of for now. If you have any specific questions, feel free to post, I check back often enough. I will try and post some pics of my bike soon, I finally got a loan of a digital camera, and it rains!

Damian Bradley
re: Thoughts on Speclialized M4 CX Cyclocross frame/fork ...KEN2
May 29, 2003 9:06 AM
I have my M4 CX set up as a commuter bike. It's a great frame, stiff and light and handles well. However, I find the fork a bit beefy and stiff for road riding. I run Specialized Nimbus EX 700 x 28s, but it still feels harsher than my GT road bike with a carbon fork and narrow Axial Pro tires. OTOH the fork matches the frame color accent....
re: Thoughts on Speclialized M4 CX Cyclocross frame/fork ...atpjunkie
May 29, 2003 3:26 PM
have a Y2K S-Works CX Love It. Race and Commute on it. use it on MTB trails as well. Run Geax 38's for mixed usage. I dig mine, it's actually a little smoother than my Ridley. I find the M4 about as compliant as any Al tubeset I've ever rode.