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Travel agents, mini V's, or canti's?(3 posts)

Travel agents, mini V's, or canti's?YoGeorge
May 27, 2003 7:49 PM
Hi all:
I've got a Trek 520 which came stock with Avid V-brakes (SD5's) and Dia-Compe 287 levers, barcon shifters. I love the V-brakes right now, and have lots of prior experience with cantis (going back to my original XT mountain bike from 1984, a tandem with Diacompe canti's, etc). Although the barcon's work OK, I *really* like STI levers, particularly for hotrod club rides where I'm hammering for all I've got and want to shift from the hoods or the hooks, while climbing etc...

I just got a pair of Ultegra STI levers and it looks like my choices are the travel agents (about $40 for a pair, with barrel adjusters because I alternate two wheel sets), Tektro mini V's, or some kind of canti's.

Cons seem to be some small concern with cable breakage (travel agents), friction (travel agents--is this a problem or not really?), tire size (with mini V's--I want the flexibility to use 35 or even 38 tires), and the STI's might not pull *quite* enough cable with the STI's(?) anyway.

Going to canti's means I need to scare up some hangers for the cables (shades of my old Weinmann centerpulls). And I'd have to decide what kind of canti's to use (Avid's, or perhaps some kind of high zoot cross cant's?) What kind of rear cable hanger would work on the seatpost clamp? Looks like front hangers are easily available for threadless headsets.

Seems like the easiest no-brainer is just to get the travel agents, but as usual I'm thinking too much...

Thanks in advance for any input,
re: Travel agents, mini V's, or canti's?Fixie-ated
May 28, 2003 4:23 AM
No, I think your thinking is just right.

I use Ultegra STI's with v-brakes with the help of Travel Agents. I have not had an issue with cable breaking or friction problems. I did have a difficult time with installation and tweaking. But, overall, I am happy with the set up.

If I had to do it all over again, I think I would go with mini V's. But in your case, the need for the big tires, I suggest canti's. There are more options out there for quality canti's at reasonable costs. I was lucky enough to have a pair of travel agents on a bike I purchased for salvage so it was at no cost that I experimented.

re: Travel agents, mini V's, or canti's?D_man
May 28, 2003 6:18 AM
I too use Ultegra STI's with v-brakes with the help of Travel Agents. Once you get them dialed in, they work really well, and offer more stopping power than old school cantis. I haven't experienced any friction/cable breakage problems.