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What frame size for a 5'3" lady racer?(4 posts)

What frame size for a 5'3" lady racer?Jan Gerrit Klok
May 26, 2003 1:32 PM
This lady friend of mine is looking at a CX, for road training, CX racing and maybe even road racing, to complement her mtb training. She only owns a well fitting race mtb, so making a good CX framesize guess might be hard.
So wha toptube length/stem length works out best for smaller riders like her?
To which extent is toe overlap a problem, if avoidable at all?

She'll consider both straight and drop bars, but I guess straight will have her end up with a CX frame that is way too high to be comfortable, in order to get an mtb-style toptube.

Looking forward to your ideas and reports on small CX racers. I could draw a custom for her, but her budget wouldn't allow it, so a Surly frame seems like the upper limit.

Thanks in advcance!

well, it really depends on her!!!weiwentg
May 26, 2003 3:39 PM
surly goes all the way down to 42. my CX is a 46 custom. toe overlap will be unaviodable, especially with cross tires, unless she is willing to go custom with MTB wheels.
I have (I think) a 520mm TT, 74 STA, 110mm -17 deg stem. I am 5'3" with a long torso. if she has "typical" female proportions (ie long legs) she may even be able to ride a 48 or 49cm provided the TT isn't too long. she'll have to get sized. just get out the measuring tape! for reference, my inseam is 29" in MTB shoes. good luck!
well, it really depends on her!!!Jan Gerrit Klok
May 27, 2003 12:51 AM
Thanks, your measurements offer a nice starting point.
I'm figuring a 110mm stem is not the under limit, I have 100 on a custom bike myself, and it works out pretty well.
I'll sure true to my a bike with the minumum toe overlap (how am I going to bring her that news), and minimum frame height.

I just thought of this, maybe she can try Daphny's bike for size some day, that would help us even further, she seems to be of simular build, though maybe Daphny has shorter legs still.
re: What frame size for a 5'3" lady racer?Sean008
May 28, 2003 8:03 AM
I'm a small male rider (5'4"). Because of my size, I have always struggled in finding a 700c bike (which all CX bikes are) that fits well. After being professionally fit (which actually matched the measurements I obtained from Zinn's Online Frame-Size Calculator), I went with a 44cm Bianchi Axis and it fits perfectly.

There's a huge debate about fit, but I firmly believe that proper top tube length is the key.