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Campy, Shimano, and Zinn....(4 posts)

Campy, Shimano, and Zinn....Steve_O
May 21, 2003 8:57 AM
Anyone else catch this on Velonew, or have I just been in the dark about running Campy shifters with a Shimano 9 speed cassette...

Taken from here...

Dear Lennard,
I'm a cyclo-cross racer in Boulder. When my team director told me that I was going to be running Ergopower shifters with my regular Shimano wheelset, I thought he was crazy. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find that the setup works, actually better than full Shimano IMHO. I was using Chorus 9sp shifters and rear derailleur with a Shimano Ultegra cassette. Normally Shimano's light action shifting goes south as soon as the slightest bit of grit gets in the cable, and you start doing the shift up 2 - down 1 - shuffle. With the Campy-Shimano mix I went through the entire cross season only having to change my cables 1 time, after the Colorado Springs snow fest where my cables rusted solid. I even made it onto the podium of 30-34 masters at Cross Nationals MudFest with flawless shifting, then raced the same cables the next day in Elite. --Steve

Dear Steve;
This works because the spacing is very close to the same on both cassettes. In order to fit nine speeds in that small of a space, there is not much range of possible inter-cog spacings that will work. Expect this interchangeability to become even better between the two companies' ten-speed systems. --Lennard
re: Campy, Shimano, and Zinn....jm3
May 21, 2003 9:18 AM
I'm looking forward to 10 speed cassettes for Shimano wheels becoming cheaper. Wheels Manufacturing is about to lose a good chunk of their business.
re: Campy, Shimano, and Zinn.... a repost from aprilkiwisimon
May 23, 2003 12:57 PM
"Campy Shimano drivetrain mix"

Posted by: kiwisimon Apr-04-03, 06:36 AM

I just want to tell anyone that was wondering about mixing drivetrain components about my bike. I have a Campy mirage ergopower shifter set matched to a Shimano ultegra triple derailler and a nine speed derailler at the back. Crank set is a Ritchey triple mountain bike unit. It works perfectly and is just want I want : the ease of ergopower with the reliability and small parts service that comes with Campy. From Shimano I get cheaper parts on those that need replacing most often.
Just in case you hear the parts don't mix, well they do.
Do you have a Campy or Shimano triple RD?kilimanjaro
Jun 5, 2003 9:45 AM