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Drafting is cool!!!!!!!(1 post)

Drafting is cool!!!!!!!lookin for help
May 19, 2003 6:10 AM
My new cross bike is so fun! Sunday I took it out for a 25 mile loop which included about 10 miles of paved bike path that leads to my home hill climb. This bike is giving me my first adventure onto the roads after riding MTN bikes all my life and now my first experience riding with other people. I had done most of my singletrack riding solo.

As I was cooing down some on the bike path about 18 miles into my ride a couple on a cannondale tandem and a long tall guy on a cannondale roadie came up on me. I hitched on their tail at there invitation. They were actually doing the same exact loop so I could ride with them my last seven miles home. They were chugging along pretty well and let me slip in behind the tandem, which was incredible!!!!

I have never had the opportunity to draft and on the bike path it was almost like coasting! We climbed our way back passed my house and I hopped off with a big smile and thanks. I was very pleased that I was able to easily keep up on the road and hill sections - especially after having about twice many miles in than they did.

I do think I will switch out the Kenda Quick 35's

Does anyone make a semislick 30? I know I can get a 32 but I think something even a bitt smaller might work.