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HELP With Ritchey Mount Cross Bike(2 posts)

HELP With Ritchey Mount Cross Bikerickbr
May 7, 2003 10:22 AM
Anyone out there ever build up a Ritchey Mount Cross?
I could use some help with the build, there is not much info on their web site. I want to build as a commuter with
flat bars etc. Do I have to use MTB rear hub with 135 mm spacing? which crankset will work, Bottom Bracket spindle length? Front Derailleur? Any help would be appreciated!

re: HELP With Ritchey Mount Cross Bikelaffeaux
May 7, 2003 1:03 PM
Sounds like you need a set of calipers.

I have a Swiss Cross and the spacing is 130mm, but the Mount Cross is more mountain than road, so it may well be 135mm. You should be able to measure it fairly easily with a good ruler.

The BB spindle length is determined by the cranks used. The shell width is determined by the frame, and again, a ruler will suffice - most likely 68mm.

The cranks are up to you. I'm sure a MTB crank will work, and would be very surprised if a road crank did not.

The front derailler should be a 28.6 as it's a steel frame. You may want to double check with a set of calipers, but I'd be surprised if it were not. Look at your cable stops to see what type of derailler you need. Most Ritcheys are bottom pull.