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single ring q's(4 posts)

single ring q'sbuffalosorrow
May 5, 2003 8:25 AM
how effective is the third eye? at what, $15, seems like a good deal. Does anyone have a close up pic of the installation? Looks like a clamp and piece of molded plastic.
What about other more DH chain keepers? ACS and others...?
Seems that CCworld has a number of double ring guards from TA to Spooky, what is the concensus on these?
Is a different BB length needed to fit the rings?

Will I be able to keep the raceface ss cranks, by just adding a new 42 or 44 ring. With running a raceface crank and campy 9, what chain will run best.

For this (oh I cant wait any longer) comming season, I am rebuilding my singlespeed into a campy 9 single. Two bikes, twice the fun.
just some advice should do...
re: single ring q'sflyweight
May 5, 2003 8:40 AM
The Third Eye is basically a clamp and piece of plastic. It works pretty well. I have know a few people who have had their chains come off despite the Third Eye.

DH chain keepers are generally too heavy.

Doube ring guards work better than a Third Eye. You will in most cases need a longer BB.

Any 9 speed chain will work with your proposed set-up.
3rd Eye Tale o' Woetriangleforge
May 5, 2003 10:25 AM
Since I'm sure folks around here are tired of hearing the tale, I'll just point you to

triangleforge "Single ring conversion" 2/28/03 1:55pm

for my bad experience with the Third Eye. A freak occurance, obviously, but just as certainly not an impossibility. The plastic part is fairly flimsy, so a good, hard yank on a chain in the process of derailling is not going to end happily.

I've not used one, but the Jump Stop seems a much better option.

As for your other questions on double rings -- I went with the TA rings from and have been very pleased. You will almost certainly need a longer BB, and I even needed a 2mm spacer on the drive side to clear the chainstay. I'm not familiar with the Raceface SS crank -- the only thing I'd be concerned with is the lack of a shoulder to center the guard ring, but that's probably not really an issue, since the ring won't have to endure any real stresses the way a working chainring would. Chainline might be an issue.

Good Luck -- I've been really pleased with my single ring.

re: single ring q'sHardtail
May 7, 2003 11:13 AM
Heres my ghetto solution that actually works.I took the front derailleur and locked it in place withthe stop screws slid it down low over the chainring and kinda spread it so it fits pretty far down. Then adjust it to just the right angle to allow the chain to be on any cog in back with out rubbing (had to spread it apart a little and play with the angle). This has been on mine and my wifes cross bikes for about 4 years and I haven't dropped the chain once and she actually only dropped hers once but it was after a crash so probably would have dropped no matter what kind of device she was running. Doesn't look as pretty (hers looks a little nicer with an XTR der.) but works great.