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Converting cyclocross bike to commuter...EntityAT
May 2, 2003 1:35 PM
I purchased a 2000 Kona Jake quite a while ago for commuting riding. I've been riding it occasionally (~50-60mi/week), but want to start riding it more on the road for general fitness, just to get myself back in shape. I'm wondering what upgrades I should consider making to make it a more comfortable fit -- the bike is primarily stock, so I know that switching away from the knobby tires should make a decent difference. Beyond that, I'm wondering what will make my road biking experience more pleasurable with this bike -- saddle upgrade?

Also, what things can I check to make sure the bike is properly fit? Like I said, it's a stock bike (54 or 55cm; I can't remember -- I have a horrible memory for this, and feel like an irresponsible rider for not noticing, after reading all of your posts), and biking it as much as I have been, I haven't been noticing any discernable pains. That being said, I want to make sure things stay that way.

Any help would be appreciated.

thanks :)
Keep it as is... for nowbk19
May 2, 2003 1:56 PM
With the exception of swapping out the knobbies for slicks, I would leave it stock for now. Assuming the bike fit properly to begin with (did you buy it from a shop or second hand?), go out and ride paying attention to any pain or even slight discomfort that you might experience. Until you know what hurts, you won't really know what you have to change.

You didn't mention if you do any riding other than commuting. If not, the 5-6 mile trips (50 to 60 mi/wk divided by 5 days a work week divided by 2 trips a day)probably won't be enough to notice anything but real obvious fit errors.

The saddle you have may be fine, but your butt may require a break-in period before you are comfortable over longer distances.
Keep it as is... for nowatpjunkie
May 5, 2003 1:46 PM
my commute is 22 miles each way. I use Geax reverts (semi slick with the emphasis on slick) in 38's to commute. I have some grass and some trail I get to play on mid route so I want some semblence of off road traction. The big tires are great for potholes as well. Yes, go to a shop and try saddles, find one that works for you. It's impossible to suggest as it's an issue of desing to fit you. I have good luck with Selle Italia's but not San MArcos as they are too narrow for my large frame. I wouldn't discourage though as these are great saddles that work for many people. So do an A$$ test, find the one you love.