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Have you paid for a fitting system/service?(3 posts)

Have you paid for a fitting system/service?flyweight
Apr 29, 2003 12:55 PM
Trying to get feedback from people who have used or been fitted with any of the more common fitting systems such as BioRacer, FitKit, WobbleNaught, etc. or paid someone for a fitting session.

If so, I'd like to know the following:
1) What system did you use?
2) Did the service improve your cycling and if so, how? (faster, more comfortable, elimination of pain, etc)
3) Do you feel it was money well spent?

Our shop is in the process of possibly selecting a new fitting system and we'd like to see what other riders have been happy or unhappy with. Thanks.
re: Have you paid for a fitting system/service?atpjunkie
Apr 30, 2003 2:12 PM
1)used the Serotta system years ago. Don't remember name

2) yes, let me know where I fit different , and how to get right bike size.

3) yes, as I can apply what I learned roughly for my lifespan (unless I shrink)

it was good for me as I'm Tall, have a long torso and longish arms.
I tend to need bikes with long total TT relative to seattube. A lot of Italian bikes and Cannondales just don't fit me. It also taught me how to do it myself so I can make the micro adj. (saddle) to achieve max comfort.
May 3, 2003 7:40 AM
I did this a couple years ago on both my mountain and cyclocross bikes.

1) I worked with the pro fitter at my LBS. Classic KOPS. Cost $75. Per bike.

2) At the time I didn't know much about bike fit, beyond getting the seat and bars at the right height. Afterwards I was faster and more comfortable.

3) Worth every penny, at the time. Would I do it again? No, because I've learned enough about bike fit since then to do it myself.